• ANTMfan77


    July 29, 2018 by ANTMfan77

    @chicdanesa I’ve noticed you’ve continuously deleted Nicole from cycle one’s page. What’s your deal?? The wikia should be a place where knowledge can be spread about the show and its contestants.

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  • Grace6287

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  • Grace6287

    Delanie Dishert

    Stefano Churchill

    Ava Carpa

    Ashley Molina

    Courtney DePerow

    Bello Sanchez

    Justin Kim

    Dustin NcNeer

    Hadassah Richardson

    Devin Clark

    Mikey Haverly

    Lacey Rogers

    Mane Adjei

    Nyle DiMarco

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  • LexiLexi

    Good news! America's Next Top Model is coming...and it's College Edition! Get ready for the season premiere on the CW from 8-9 pm on Friday, October 19. It seems like a long time to wait, but surely we'll find a way to bide our time.

    Meanwhile, check out this blog post to see what other shows will premiere this fall on the CW!

    Will you be tuning in? Comment below and let us know!

    Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  • IAmNothing712


    December 1, 2011 by IAmNothing712

    Order Episode
    1 Episode
    2 Episode
    3 Episode
    4 Episode
    5 Episode
    6 Episode
    7 Episode
    8 Episode
    9 Episode
    10 Episode
    11 Episode
    1 Mary Mary Autumn Scarlet Nikita Erica Linda Scarlet Autumn Autumn Christine Scarlet Autumn
    2 Nikita Scarlet Christine Linda Patricia Autumn Priscilla Christine Erica Nikita Autumn Autumn Scarlet
    3 Christine Helena Priscilla Patricia Autumn Nikita Christine Nikita Christine Scarlet Scarlet Christine

    4 Autumn Patricia Erica Helena Linda Scarlet Scarlet Autumn Scarlet Christine Nikita

    5 Scarlet Christine Jubilee Erica Priscilla Priscilla Erica Erica Nikita Erica

    6 Hallie Nikita Linda Christine Scarlet Linda Autumn Linda Linda

    7 Sophie Jubilee Mary Autumn Christine Patricia NIkita Priscilla

    8 Erica Hallie Helena Nikita Erica C…

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