America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11
Original Channel The CW
Original Run September 3, 2008 – November 19, 2008
Additional Information
No. of contestants 14
Winner McKey Sullivan
Catch-phrase "Feel The Love"
Season chronology
Cycle 10
Cycle 12

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11 premiered on September 3, 2008 and was the fifth season to be aired on The CW network.

Approximately the first half of the competition took place in Los Angeles, moving the show back from New York City where it was held last season.

The international destination for the final episodes of the cycle was Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The judges for this cycle were: Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, J. Alexander and Paulina Porizkova.

The winner was 19-year-old McKey Sullivan from Lake Forest, Illinois.


The prizes for this cycle are:

  • A modeling contract with Elite Model Management.
  • A fashion spread and cover in Seventeen.
  • A US$100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics.


(ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Outcome Post ANTM
Brittney "ShaRaun" Brown 18 Chicago, Illinois Eliminated in Episode 2 Appeared in Lil Jon's video for "Miss Chocolate" and has signed with Elite Model Management in Chicago and LA.
Nikeysha Clarke 19 Bronx, New York Eliminated in Episode 3
Brittany Rubalcaba 19 Henderson, Nevada Eliminated in Episode 4 Appeared on the cover of Las Vegas Weekly. Later left modeling to pursue her education.
Hannah White 18 Fairbanks, Alaska Eliminated outside of judging panel in Episode 5 Signed with Nous Model Management and has taken some test shots.
Isis King 22 Pasadena, Maryland Eliminated in Episode 5
Clark Gilmer 19 Charleston, South Carolina Eliminated in Episode 6 Competed to become Miss South Carolina USA 2009 but didn't get the crown. Walked the runway at the Southeast Talent Search, appeared in Enrique Iglesias and Taylor Swift music videos, and was a participant on The Millionaire Matchmaker.
Lauren Brie Harding 20 Quantico, Virginia Eliminated in Episode 7 Has posed for Grazia, Moda, and Allure Couture. In January 2011, she was featured on the cover of WWDStyle with Rachel Zoe. After ANTM, she signed with MGMT First, Muse Management, and LA Models, as well as Nova Models in New Zealand.
Joslyn Pennywell 23 Lafayette, Louisiana Eliminated in Episode 9 Now lives in Los Angeles and has done some work for Seventeen magazine. Has appeared in BET's The Family Crews and Bravo's The Millionaire Matchmaker and has modeled in several runway shows.
Sheena Sakai 21 Harlem, New York Eliminated in Episode 10 Signed with Model Management Group and Roman Personal Management and has walked in BET's Rip the Runway.
Elina Ivanova 18 Seattle, Washington Eliminated in Episode 11 Is now signed with TCM Models & Talent in Seattle and Vision Models in Los Angeles.
Marjorie Conrad 19 San Francisco, California Eliminated in Episode 12 After ANTM, she returned to San Francisco, where she finished her studies and signed with Look Model Agency. Also opened a Marciano fashion show and was featured in an American Apparel Daily Update.
Analeigh Tipton 19 Sacramento, California Eliminated in Episode 13
Samantha Potter 18 Woodland Hills, California Runner-up Signed to LA Model Management and appeared in an episode of The Big Bang Theory with fellow contestant Analeigh Tipton. Has walked in several runway shows and has appeared in gospel artist Mary Mary's music video for "God in Me."
Brittany "McKey" Sullivan 19 Lake Forest, Illinois Winner

Episode Summaries

The Notorious Fierce Fourteen

First aired September 3, 2008

The 33 semifinalists were driven to San Fernando Valley, California, where they met Alpha J and Beta J (Jay Manuel and Miss J.) at the fictitious "Top Model Institute of Technology." Inside, they went through a series of reviews and catwalk analysis. Later, Tyra-bot (Tyra Banks) met the contestants and individual interviews began. In between, Isis revealed she is a transwoman, leaving other semifinalists with mixed feelings. Surprising some of the other contestants, Joslyn confessed that she tried to audition for America's Next Top Model for over 30 times (revealed to be 33 on the Tyra Banks Show) and she left on the product on the commercial, and Analeigh revealed that she was sold to a Saudi Arabian prince by a human trafficking ring pretending to be an agency, but it was later resolved before any deals were made . Twenty of those vying continued and they took part in the first photo shoot – posing in metallic blue catsuits. After final deliberations, fourteen contestants were chosen. One unsuccessful semifinalist Kacey would audition four cycles later and was made a finalist.

Top Model Inauguration

First aired September 3, 2008

As the start of the episode, the three Brittanys changed their names; Brittney B became ShaRaun, Brittany S became McKey, and Brittany R remained with her own name. The notorious fierce fourteen finalists were driven to their homebase loft in Los Angeles, California. The contestants asked Isis questions regarding her gender transition, drawing both empathy and disdain. Clark and Hannah gossiped about Isis, calling her a he-she and saying that she had "no place in this competition." The next day, they visited Magic Castle, a private club for magicians, where judges Nigel Barker, Paulina Porizkova and the Jays conducted one-on-one interviews with the contestants. Isis impressed Nigel with her knowledge about how to flatter her face in certain light, while ShaRaun left the judges cold by constantly introducing herself as America's Next Top Model. The photo shoot theme was voting, with each model portraying a political issue:

Model Political Issue
Analeigh Healthcare
Brittany Military
Clark Bureaucracy
Elina Foreign Policy
Hannah Nuclear Weapons
Isis Privacy
Joslyn Unemployment
Lauren Brie Education
Marjorie Immigration
McKey Environment
Nikeysha Cloning
Samantha Economy
ShaRaun Homeland Security
Sheena Energy

During the shoot, several of the other contestants, including Clark and ShaRaun, heckled Isis about being transgender, while McKey struggled until drawing inspiration from boxing moves, which Clark laughed at. During panel, McKey's picture received tremendous praise. Isis also shocking everyone in the show that she can bring a powerful photograph, while Marjorie, Joslyn and Elina also received unanimous praise for their photos. The judges were unimpressed with ShaRaun’s photo, her interview and her insincere personality. They were also put off by Nikeysha's verbosity. In the end, ShaRaun and Nikeysha were landed in the bottom two for Nikeysha constantly interrupting the judges & ShaRaun's arrogant personality. However, ShaRaun's swagger, yet lack of modeling potential cost her the competition.

  • First call-out: Marjorie Conrad
  • Bottom two: Nikeysha Clarke & ShaRaun Brown
  • Eliminated: ShaRaun Brown
  • Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
  • Special guests: Ed Alonzo, Christian Marc, Sutan
  • Top Model in Action: Toccara Jones (Cycle 3)

The Ladder of Model Success

First aired September 10, 2008

The contestants met posing coach Benny Ninja and contortionist Bree Robertson for a lesson on extreme posing inside fabric tubes. The following day, the posing challenge featured Tarina Tarantino jewelry and handbags. Many of the girls utilized awkward poses, and Sheena's inappropriately suggestive pose was criticized. Elina won the challenge, and received a handbag full of the featured jewelry for being the best, as well as the unaired prize to do some work with the brand. At the house, Isis was shown injecting hormones to aid in her gender transition which made her nauseous. Elina kissed Clark during a game of truth or dare. Tensions rose when Hannah – who had already made nasty comments about Isis – absent-mindedly pushed Isis for "crowding her" in the jacuzzi, even though she was surrounded by other girls, and was later confronted about it in a large discussion inside, and then again later on where some of the other girls accused of her discrimination towards Isis and towards the girls of darker skin. The photo shoot challenged the models to hang from a rope ladder, with the images later digitally composited to photos of a hot air balloon. At judging, after first denying that she had surgery, Sheena admits she did have breast augmentation. Lauren Brie's photo was perceived as one of the best pictures in the history of the show and was Tyra's all-time favorite picture at the time. While most of the girls also impressed the judges, Brittany's photo was deemed average (but Tyra was convinced that she can earn a million dollars doing catalog modeling) and Analeigh was criticized for overthinking the shoot, which showed in her picture. Isis' plain appearance at the judging panel and uninspiring close-up photo landed her in the bottom two with Nikeysha, who was eliminated for an unsatisfactory photo, together with her overly-verbal personality and an admonishment for her very thin body and she continued to talk, even after getting eliminated, and was heard still talking as the credits rolled.

  • First call-out: Lauren Brie Harding
  • Bottom two: Isis King & Nikeysha Clarke
  • Eliminated: Nikeysha Clarke
  • Featured photographer: Mike Ruiz
  • Special guests: Benny Ninja, Tarina Tarantino, Bree Robertson
  • Top Model in Action: Shannon Stewart (Cycle 1)

You’re Beautiful, Now Change

First aired September 17, 2008

Tyra joined the models over princess-themed pizza, after which she announced that makeovers would commence the following day. But in a twist, as she was about to announce their makeovers, an evil witch (Miss J) appeared and gave her an apple, which turned out to be 'poisonous' as Tyra then fainted. She was revived by 'Prince Couture' (Mr J) but told the girls she could no longer remember their makeovers. The next day, all mirrors inside of the salon were covered, indicating that the girls will only see their new looks when they are completed. Most girls were satisfied, except Elina, who cried, expressing that her look did not fit the image she had of herself. Afterwards, the girls were taken to Wal-Mart for a CoverGirl makeup challenge in which they had to record a 30-second mock commercial without a script. Hannah's commercial was deemed the best, earning her a featured spot on the CoverGirl website and a $1000 Wal-Mart gift card. Back at the house Brittany and Joslyn talked about how much they loved their families and how much they missed them. Elina passed by and admitted that she never loved her mother, saying that she didn’t know how to be a mother and her not being able to express her emotions. She said that’s the best reason why she had been in control. Brittany then said that Elina was ungrateful and that she was using her mother which made Elina uncomfortable. The girls took part in a Sports Illustrated-style photo shoot featuring Susan Holmes swimwear. As some added pressure to the situation, Holmes herself was present for the shoot, and Jay Manuel held back all critique and direction. At judging, Elina was praised for her edgy, racially ambiguous look. Lauren Brie's photo reminded Miss. J of Cycle 7 winner CariDee English, and Clark was compared to Lauren Brie by Paulina, with them stating she was the complete opposite of Lauren Brie; Clark looked like a model in person, but her photos were lackluster and vice versa. Most girls received praise, but Isis, Analeigh, Hannah and Brittany struggled. Isis was once again criticized for her weak eye expression in her photo, though her pose received positive critique. Analeigh and Brittany landed in the bottom two; Analeigh for not utilizing her posing potential as a former ice skater, and Brittany for continuing to come across as too commercial and not exhibiting intensity in her photos. In the end, Brittany was eliminated.

  • First call-out: Elina Ivanova
  • Bottom two: Analeigh Tipton & Brittany Rubalcaba
  • Eliminated: Brittany Rubalcaba
  • Featured photographer: Russell James
  • Special guests: Susan Holmes, Neil Weisberg, Amanda George, Kiyah Wright, Cristen Chin Barker
  • Top Model in Action: Lisa Jackson (Cycle 9)

Fierce Eyes

First aired September 24, 2008

The girls got a runway lesson at a bowling alley from J. Alexander. The next day, they participated in a runway show for fashion designer Jeremy Scott. There were two twists. Firstly, the girls would be wearing see-through blindfolds, and secondly, one girl would be instantly eliminated following the challenge. Notable standouts on the runway included Joslyn, Analeigh, McKey, Isis and Sheena, though most girls also excelled. Despite being instructed not to do so, Samantha pulled up her dress while posing on the runway. Joslyn's performance was deemed the best, winning her a photo shoot for Seventeen which she shared with Isis and Sheena. The least impressive girls were Hannah and Samantha. Hannah for not presenting herself there and seems didn't want to be there, and Samantha for walking and acting 'disgustingly' in the runway. eliminating Hannah due to her overall poor performance together with her terrible runaway walk.

  • Eliminated outside of judging panel: Hannah White

This week's photo shoot took place in their own pool, with Nigel Barker photographing the girls. The girls were to pose with their faces partially underwater, with an emphasis on their eyes. While many received positive feedback, Elina and Joslyn struggled with the shoot, as did Isis, who was awkward in the pool because she felt uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit. At judging, Clark's huge improvement inspired everyone in the place, as she produced a super strong photo with a very fierce eyes. Analeigh also very improving from the last week, finally using her ice skating ability to create a photo with strong, fierce eyes. Sheena's photo was deemed by Tyra as an "Asian warrior that is going to kill you", while Lauren Brie impressed for the third consecutive week. Despite having a strong photo, Samantha was strongly reprimanded by Jeremy Scott, because she was acting like a know-it-all and seemed to want to be the rockstar of the runway show, and she ended up in the bottom two along with Isis. In the end, Samantha was spared because the judges felt that Isis was holding back, though they praised her as an inspiration for the LGBT community.

  • First call-out: Clark Gilmer
  • Bottom two: Isis King & Samantha Potter
  • Eliminated: Isis King
  • Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Special guests: Jeremy Scott, Ann Shoket, Kira Plastinina
  • Top Model in Action: Chantal Jones (Cycle 9)

Natural Beauty

First aired October 1, 2008

The girls met Paulina Porizkova at an empty warehouse for a challenge teach, where they were taught how to make an oversized outfit that will fit them well and carry off the pose. After the lecture, each girl was assigned an outfit to improvise and fit themselves. Samantha was admonished over physically altering the dress’s look, while McKey's creativity won her the challenge and the reward of 50 extra frames at their next photo shoot. Back at the house, Marjorie's insecurities irritated some of the other girls. This week’s photo shoot had the girls portray different disasters as follows:

Models Disaster
Analeigh Santa Ana Winds
Clark Blackout
Elina Earthquake
Joslyn Rockslide
Lauren Brie Snowstorm
Marjorie Traffic Jam
McKey Heat Wave
Samantha Tidal Wave
Sheena Sandstorm

Most girls received praise for their photos, though Lauren Brie was cautioned not to rely on just being pretty. However, it was Clark and Joslyn's mediocre photos that landed them in the bottom two. The judges saw Joslyn as starting out at the top of the pack, but slowly falling, while Clark’s lackluster portfolio had the judges worried. In the end, Joslyn's bubbly personality saved her and Clark was ultimately sent home.

  • First call-out: Samantha Potter
  • Bottom two: Clark Gilmer & Joslyn Pennywell
  • Eliminated: Clark Gilmer
  • Featured photographer: Brian Edwards
  • Special guest: Paulina Porizkova
  • Top Model in Action: Eugena Washington (Cycle 7)

The Fiercee Awards

First aired October 8, 2008

The girls were driven to a photo studio where they met Tyra for a teach on how to create and improve on their "signature poses." While Lauren Brie disappointed by producing what Tyra deemed as pretty but "empty" photos, Marjorie’s high-fashion take on the "Hunchback of Notre Dame" impressed Tyra – and won her the challenge. She chose Analeigh to share in her prize of diamond necklaces from Rafinity totaling $12,000.

Model Signature Pose
Analeigh Rebel Ice Skater
Elina Top Model Of The World
Joslyn Profile
Lauren Brie Surfer Chick
Marjorie Hunchback of Notre Dame
McKey Boxer
Samantha Hands
Sheena Cultural Dance

For this week's photo shoot, the girls were taken to the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles to portray different award show mishaps inspired from Tyra’s Fiercee Awards on The Tyra Banks Show. Marjorie and Analeigh wowed Jay, while Elina had trouble letting go of her control and freeing her emotions.

Model Award Show Snafu
Analeigh The interviewer with an attitude
Elina The girl with an overly emotional acceptance speech
Joslyn The girl that faces another starlet in the same gown
Lauren Brie The girl that trips up stairs
Marjorie The girl that want to use the restroom, but couldn't get out of her gown
McKey The girl that was so sure she is going to win, but didn't
Samantha The girl that can't read cue cards because of lights
Sheena The girl that got angry when another starlet stepped on her gown

Marjorie's dramatic photo received unfavorably great praise, with her reward win earned her a very clear first call-out. Analeigh's photo yet again wowed the judges, as well as McKey and Elina. In the end, Lauren Brie and Sheena were placed in the bottom two – both for their flawed photos. The judges perceived Lauren Brie's personality as being washed out, while Sheena was criticized for her overt sexual appeal and her presence being a model. Sheena's personality won the judges over despite having a weaker portfolio.

  • First call-out: Marjorie Conrad
  • Bottom two: Lauren Brie Harding & Sheena Sakai
  • Eliminated: Lauren Brie Harding
  • Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
  • Special guests: Jim De Yonker, Kiyah Wright, Ann Mangini
  • Top Model in Action: Danielle Evans (Cycle 6)

Top Model 11 Confidential

First aired October 15, 2008

This was the recap episode featuring some never-before-seen footage, including Samantha being left without a bed at the start of the competition, an argument between Elina and Sheena regarding animal rights and respect for others' beliefs, McKey cooking meals for the girls because she felt left out, Sheena losing her hair during her makeover, the girls admiring Nikeysha's talent for rapping, a night out at Red Pearl Kitchen in Hollywood, a bee attack (with McKey saving the bee after it is hairsprayed by Clark), and Hannah talking about her life in Alaska and "Alaska Pixie Dust."

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

First aired October 22, 2008

The girls got a lesson from the Aswirl Twins on how to properly showcase a garment. This was immediately followed by a challenge in which the girls wore green bodysuits to mask their bodies via greenscreen, while modeling clothing for Petro Zillia, judged by Ann Shoket. While many were criticized, Elina was chosen as the winner, and got to shoot a holiday fashion spread for Seventeen along with Analeigh and Marjorie. When they returned, Elina and Sheena argued on whether it was hypocritical for Elina, an atheist, to appear in a holiday spread. The following day, the girls met Cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson for a CoverGirl commercial shoot. They were alloted five takes and got to read their lines from a teleprompter. While some excelled and others struggled, Joslyn was ill and had a particularly difficult time. At judging, Tyra challenged the girls to walk in wooden clogs, leading her to announce that they would be going abroad to Amsterdam, though one contestant would be eliminated first. Analeigh was praised highly, with Tyra stating that her commercial was the best ever in ANTM history. Sheena was also praised for her personality in the commercial. However, Elina was once again lambasted for being too constrained. Conversely, Joslyn was told that she overacted, but overall, she was lauded for pulling through and doing the commercial despite being very ill. McKey was surprisingly criticized for having a mediocre performance (despite having previous strong photos). Though McKey had a bad commercial, Elina and Joslyn ended up as the bottom two. Tyra then noted that has Elina's composure and confidence while Joslyn possessed tenacity and determination. Both Sheena and Samantha were shown cheering for Joslyn. However, in a shocking elimination, though she was called a "survivor," Joslyn was axed for her declining performance, but was told that she could survive the modeling industry without winning the contest.

  • First call-out: Analeigh Tipton
  • Bottom two: Elina Ivanova & Joslyn Pennywell
  • Eliminated: Joslyn Pennywell
  • Featured commercial director: Frank Ockenfels
  • Special guests: Whitney Thompson, James St. James, Nony Tochterman, Ann Shoket, Ron Harris, Richard Harris, Aswirl Twins, Elyssa Traub
  • Top Model in Action: Jaslene Gonzalez (Cycle 8)

Planes, Trains and Slow Automobiles

First aired October 29, 2008

When the girls arrived in Schiphol Airport at Amsterdam, they were greeted by Holland's Next Top Model host Daphne Deckers. They were split into pairs to find their house through a series of tasks. Elina and Samantha were the quickest and earned 50 extra frames to share. The girls then went to the Red Light district for yet another challenge, this time posing as store-front models selling various designers' dresses. While Marjorie was singled out as the best girl, McKey and Samantha won the prize to appear in several runway shows in Amsterdam International Fashion Week because of their teamwork. For the photo shoot, the girls posed in 17th century couture gowns on a boat. McKey, Analeigh and Marjorie received positive comments, while Samantha used her extra frames to deliver better shots. Elina's focus made her ignore Jay at one point. At panel, McKey and Analeigh once again impressed the judges. Though Samantha was also appreciated for producing a stellar picture, her poor choice of clothing was criticized. Marjorie was also given a good critique, but her timid personality didn't sit well with Daphne. Elina again landed in the bottom two with Sheena; Sheena was criticized for her inconsistency and trouble controlling both her body and face together, while Elina was again chastised for her stiffness and uninspiring in-person look. However, deemed to have more potential, Elina was saved for the second time eliminating Sheena.

  • First call-out: McKey Sullivan
  • Bottom two: Elina Ivanova & Sheena Sakai
  • Eliminated: Sheena Sakai
  • Featured photographer: Andy Tan
  • Special guests: Daphne Deckers, Jan Taminiau, Carlo Wijnands, Edwin Oudshoorn, Bas Kosters, Mariette Hoiting
  • Top Model in Action: Katarzyna Dolinska (Cycle 10)

The Final Five

First aired November 5, 2008

The final five went on go-sees. Marjorie became lost and frustrated causing her to not book either of the two designers she managed to see; Samantha was told she was too commercial but managed to book two out of four; Elina, because of her tattoos, only booked two out of the four she visited; McKey was booked by all four of her go-sees, but was disqualified from the challenge for being five minutes late. As a result, Analeigh won $18,000 worth of designer clothes for booking all three of the three designers she saw. This time Tyra was the photographer and took two pictures of the girls – one with no makeup, and one with edgy and glamorous styling, with a warehouse background. Marjorie struggled on the first shoot, but excelled at the second. Elina was once again too controlling, while Samantha and McKey shone in both shoots. Analeigh was amazing in her glamour shot, but Tyra wasn't sure if she could pull off a washed face look. At panel, Samantha's photos were deemed the best and she was called first. Elina and Marjorie both landed in the bottom two because they stood in their own way (Marjorie's nerves and Elina's control), but with her third consecutive bottom two appearance, Elina was eliminated and Marjorie was given another chance.

  • First call-out: Samantha Potter
  • Bottom two: Elina Ivanova & Marjorie Conrad
  • Eliminated: Elina Ivanova
  • Featured photographer: Tyra Banks
  • Special guests: Frederick Koster, Pearl Macnack, Marlies Dekkers, Monique Collignon, Hans Ubbink, Mart Visser
  • Top Model in Action: Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi (Cycle 6)

Good Times and Windmills

First aired November 12, 2008

The remaining four girls got a lesson from Paulina Porizkova on modeling with unusual props. They were then challenged to audition for a short commercial in which they kissed male model Mark Vanderloo. Marjorie was chosen as the winner, and received a $10,000 shopping spree at G-star which she shared evenly with Analeigh. That evening, the girls let loose when they invited their go-sees boatmen from the previous episode to the house. Marjorie drank too much wine, and, as a result, was very wobbly in her photo shoot. The photo shoot took place in the Dutch countryside, with windmills as the backdrop accompanied by dramatic hair and makeup. Analeigh and McKey excelled once again while Samantha and Marjorie struggled. At judging, Samantha was again criticized for her unprofessional appearance and for having a bad film overall despite producing a good photo. Despite a stellar portfolio, Marjorie was admonished for having lost her appeal in her attempt to act more aloof, which sent her home.

  • First call-out: Analeigh Tipton
  • Bottom two: Marjorie Conrad & Samantha Potter
  • Eliminated: Marjorie Conrad
  • Featured photographer: Barrie Hullegie
  • Special guests: Richard Gorodecky, Mark Vanderloo, JM Van Tilburg, Ann Shoket
  • Top Model in Action: Kim Stolz (Cycle 5)

America’s Next Top Model Is...

First aired November 19, 2008

The final three received Tyra Mail informing them that their CoverGirl commercials would be the next day. When they arrived, the girls found out that the commercials would be shot on a boat traveling through Amsterdam, and that they would each have to deliver a "scene-stealing kiss" with Dutch male model Timothy Dingeman at the end of the commercial. Samantha's commercial lacked energy while Analeigh went blank and had to be fed the lines. McKey produced a stunning commercial, improving immensely from her first commercial performance. Afterwards, all the girls shot their CoverGirl print ads with Jim De Yonker. At panel, McKey received unanimous praise for both her commercial and photo, with her picture being deemed as the only "model" shot. Analeigh and Samantha landed in the bottom two, Analeigh for not working with her face as well as her body, and for forgetting her lines, and Samantha for looking very commercial in person yet lacking commercial ability on camera. In spite of her previous strong performance, one great commercial, and being in the top three call-outs for seven weeks in a row, eliminating Analeigh.

*First call-out: McKey Sullivan
  • Bottom two: Analeigh Tipton & Samantha Potter
  • Eliminated: Analeigh Tipton
  • Featured photographer: Jim de Yonker

After shooting their Seventeen Magazine cover tries, Samantha and McKey joined Cycle 10 winnerWhitney Thompson and Holland's Next Top Model, Cycle 4 winner Ananda Marchildon and runner-up Yvette Broch, at a long, whimsical, fairy tale-themed fashion show. Both girls showed consistent walks, although both were critiqued that they were not as strong as they could have been. During deliberation, the judges recognized that both girls had stunning portfolios, and had greatly improved as models from their first shoot. McKey's photogenic look, edginess, diversity and strut were acknowledged as well as Samantha having commercial appeal while simultaneously delivering high fashion photos. The girls were called back in and McKey was crowned as the eleventh winner of America's Next Top Model.

  • Final two: McKey Sullivan & Samantha Potter
  • America's Next Top Model: McKey Sullivan
  • Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Featured commercial directors: Jay Manuel, Elyssa Traub
  • Special guests: Whitney Thompson, Ananda Marchildon, Addy van den Krommenacker, Ann Shoket
  • Top Model in Action: Anya Kop (Cycle 10)

Contestant gallery

Sharaun Brown

Eliminated in episode 2

Nikeysha Clarke

Eliminated in episode 3

Brittany Rubalcaba

Eliminated in episode 4

Hannah White

Eliminated outside of judging panel in episode 5

Isis King

Eliminated in episode 5

Clark Gilmer

Eliminated in episode 6

Lauren Brie Harding

Eliminated in episode 7

Joslyn Pennywell

Eliminated in episode 9

Sheena Sakai

Eliminated in episode 10

Elina Ivanova

Eliminated in episode 11

Marjorie Conrad

Eliminated in episode 12

Analeigh Tipton

Eliminated in episode 13

Samantha Potter


McKey Sullivan


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