America's Next Top Model:
Guys & Girls 2
Cycle 21.JPG
Original Channel The CW
Original Run August 18, 2014 –
December 5, 2014
Additional Information
No. of contestants 14
Winner Keith Carlos
Season chronology
Cycle 20: Guys & Girls
Cycle 22: Guys & Girls 3

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 21 (subtitled as America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls 2) premiered on August 18, 2014 and it is the 15th season to air on The CW.

Like the previous cycle, it was the 2nd season in a row to feature both male and female contestants.

The judges for this cycle were: Tyra Banks and Kelly Cutrone and J. Alexander.

Johnny Wujek, creative director since Cycle 19, was succeeded by photographer Yu Tsai.

In keeping with the last two cycles, social media is a factor in eliminations, with public voting taking place on the show's official page.

The semifinalists were revealed on the America's Next Top Model Instagram page while the fourteen finalists were revealed when voting began.

The international destination for this cycle is Seoul, South Korea.

Five of the episodes are filmed in Seoul, one of which features James of Royal Pirates, and the finale will have guest appearances from K-pop girl group 2NE1, boy band BTOB, actor and model Lee Soo-hyuk and fashion designer Lie Sang Bong.

The winner was 26-year-old Keith Carlos from Bridgeport, Connecticut, the show's first ever male winner.

On February 24, 2015, Mirjana Puhar, was murdered during a triple homicide committed in Charlotte, NC., she was 19 years old.[1]


The prizes for this cycle are:

  • A modeling contract with NEXT Model Management
  • A spread in Nylon magazine
  • A US$100,000 campaign with Guess.


(ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Outcome Note(s)
Ivy Timlin 20 Buffalo, New York Eliminated in Episode 3
Romeo Tostado 23* Salinas, California Disqualified in Episode 5
Ben Schreen 24 Waverly, Iowa Eliminated in Episode 6
Kari Calhoun 23 Coppell, Texas Eliminated in Episode 7
Matthew Smith 24 Highlands Ranch, Colorado Eliminated in Episode 8
Denzel Wells 23 Houston, Texas Eliminated in Episode 9
Mirjana Puhar 18 Charlotte, North Carolina (originally from Serbia) Eliminated in Episode 10 On February 24, 2015, Mirjana was a victim of a triple homicide.[2]
Raelia Lewis 22 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Eliminated in Episode 12
Chantelle Young 19 Toronto, Ontario Eliminated in Episode 4, Returned in Episode 10, Eliminated in Episode 13
Andrea "Shei" Phan 22 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Eliminated in Episode 14
Lenox Tillman 19 Newnan, Georgia Eliminated in Episode 16
Adam Smith 26 Memphis, Tennessee 2nd Runner-up
Will Jardell 23 Nederland, Texas Runner-up Got engaged to boyfriend James in 2019.
Keith Carlos 26 Bridgeport, Connecticut Winner
  • Romeo celebrated his 24th birthday in the filming week of episode 5.

Episode Summaries

The Boyz R Back

Original Airdate: August 18, 2014

The season begins with thirty-one hopefuls being flown to Los Angeles for an inaugural EDM themed runway show. Cycle twenty contestant Cory Hindorff and Tyra Banks reveal that runway coach J. Alexander is back on the judging panel.

Immediately afterwards, the models square off in pairs on the runway. Their assignment is to take selfies on the runway for people on social media to see. After the runway show, each contestant is interviewed by the judges before the first cut is made. One of the models, Jamie Rae, arrives several hours after the runway show has concluded.

The following day, all of them are taken to a bowling alley for elimination. Each semi finalist is asked to bowl in order to reveal what is on the score screen. Those who will continue for the second week of casting are greeted with a mark of approval on the screen. Those who have been eliminated are met with a rejection notice. At the conclusion of the episode, the contestants are reminded that only fourteen contestants will make the final cast and move into the top model home.

The Guy Who Gets a Second Chance

Original Airdate: August 25, 2014 The models take part in a competition themed subway challenge, overseen by photographer Franco Lacosta. The goal is to put together a season-themed outfit (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) in each station, and hurry into the train before the doors close. Several contestants fail to board the train on time each round. Ultimately only two contestants, Danny and Matthew, remain by the fourth station. Franco declares Matthew as the winner of the challenge.

The following day, the contestants are taken to a beach. There, they are greeted by Kelly Cutrone and Yu Tsai. Kelly reveals that Yu Tsai will be the new creative director of the show. A few moments after, the models are whisked away for a photo shoot in the beach. Each contestant poses alone before gathering together for a massive group shot.

After the photo shoot is over, Tyra and the judges deliberate and select the final fourteen. Unlike previous years, the models are not called forward individually for the final round of casting. Instead, they are called in pairs. Tyra reveals that from each pair, one contestant will be admitted, and the other will be asked to wait. The process is repeated until all the spots are filled. During one of the rounds Tyra accepts both Adam and Denzel, filling all the spots and eliminating the remaining eight semi-finalists

Elimination order
1 Chantelle Lenox
2 Jamie Rae Will
3 Denzel Keith
4 Adam Mirjana
5 Kari Romeo
6 L'Meese Matthew
7 Lenox Lindsay
8 Ben Mark
9 Romeo Zaquan
10 Ivy Olay
11 Danny Raelia
12 Josh Shei
13 Adam Denzel
     Admitted into the final fourteen
     Asked to wait to be paired up again
     Eliminated from the competition

Immediately afterwards, she announces that the final fourteen will part take in a fashion show wearing nothing but silly string.

  • Featured photographers: Franco Lacosta, Yu Tsai

The Girl Who's a Player

Original Airdate: September 1, 2014

The episode picks up from the moment where the contestants find out about the silly string fashion show announced the previous episode, which is revealed to be the first challenge. Ms. J. Alexander critiques everyone's walks before the challenge. Before the show starts the models are introduced to the director of NEXT models, Alexis Borges. Alexis Borges will determine the winner of the runway show challenge. Will is nervous about the challenge due to his insecurities about his body, while Adam is overconfident.

After the challenge concludes, Alexis points out Adam and Ivy as having been the worst, with Alexis saying he would never book Ivy. He also comments that Adam may not be taking the competition seriously. Chantelle and Keith are singled out as having been the best in the show. Keith is chosen as the challenge winner, and is allowed to stay in the Tyra Suite with any contestant of his choosing until the elimination ceremony. To nobody's surprise, he chooses Kari. Back at home, Ivy and Adam find their names last on the leader board, with a challenge score of 6. Kari and Keith sleep in the same bed, while Matthew and Mirjana do the same. However, Matthew soon finds out that Mirjana has a boyfriend back home, much to his disappointment.

The next day the models meet Tyra and Yu Tsai for the first photo shoot, where they will be splashed with buckets of water. It is explained that the shoot will consist of two parts: the first is filming for the season's opening titles, and the second is taking still photos that will be used for scoring. After Tyra films her parts, the models take their turns. Will ultimately struggles with his insecurities about his body once again, while Mirjana is chastised for looking too sexy. Raelia has flashbacks of her almost drowning in the past, and Ivy has trouble coping with the cold temperatures of the water. Keith, Romeo, Kari, and Lenox receive praise during their session.

As the contestants arrive back home, they find elimination mail. Adam begins to drink. Once he is inebriated, Mirjana suggests that he stop, which leads to tensions between Adam and Mirjana. Matthew, still feeling hurt about Mirjana having a boyfriend, defends Adam, much to Mirjana's surprise.

During panel, Keith, Mirjana and Lenox receive positive feedback, while most of the other contestants receive mixed feedback. Denzel is told that his body might be too muscular for fashion. Adam receives positive feedback, but is again reprimanded for not taking the competition seriously. Will produces a great photo, despite struggling at the shoot. Keith receives first call out, and receives keys to the Tyra Suite again. Ivy and Will are given the worst scores for their photographs, and land in the bottom two together during elimination. Will manages to remain in the competition with a score of 33.1. Once she is eliminated, Ivy is reminded that the comeback competition is still in place, and that she still has an opportunity to return.

  • First call-out: Keith Carlos
  • Bottom two: Ivy Timlin & Will Jardell
  • Eliminated: Ivy Timlin
  • Featured director: Tony Croll
  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Alexis Borges

The Guy Who Gets a Beard Weave

Original Airdate: September 8, 2014

The remaining thirteen models arrive back home from elimination, and find Keith's photo displayed on the television. Mirjana quickly moves on from Matthew, and begins fooling around with Denzel instead, even though she has a boyfriend back at home. Meanwhile, Romeo insists hard on being a Wiccan poseur.

The following day, the contestants are taken to Pershing Square, where they meet Yu Tsai and photographer An Le. The concept of the photo shoot is to create photographs depicting a twofold optical illusion by laying flat on the ground. Keith, Lenox, Ben, Raelia, Shei and Will do well during their session. Adam and Kari struggle to impress. Chantelle is called out on her over confidence, which is verging on arrogance. Most of the models struggle to hold their weight to create a pose, most notably Romeo and Denzel, who winds up cursing and storming off set after he is yelled at by Yu Tsai for being unable to hold up a bicycle.

Back at the house the models find a box containing instructions for a scavenger hunt to find boxes each containing a specific make over. One of the boxes also includes a pair of 'magic shears'. The contestant who finds the shears is allowed to know exactly what their make over will be. Denzel ultimately finds the shears, and is told that he will be getting a lace front beard weave. Chantelle becomes agitated when she realizes that one of the boxes contains instructions for shaved hair, believing that that will be her make over.

Make overs are administered at the Cristophe salon the next morning. Tyra brings Cory to the salon to encourage the models to accept whatever 'Ty-over' they are given. In preparation for a later photo shoot the models must also undergo DNA testing to determine their ancestry. Most people are satisfied with their new look, save Kari, who feels that her new hair makes her look like an alien.

The night before panel, Matthew and Will kiss. Mirjana, Denzel, and Keith begin to prod Matthew about why he kissed Will, insisting that he is gay.

At judging, Tyra reminds the models that since there is no challenge score for the week, their fan vote will be the only determining factor as to who gets eliminated once it's added to the judges scores. Lenox, Will, and Raelia and are given good reviews for their photographs. Ben receives the best feedback, and consequently earns best photo. Adam, Shei, Kari and Chantelle receive the heaviest criticism. Chantelle and Kari find themselves in the bottom two.

Chantelle is critiqued on not putting her beauty to good use in photographs, while Kari is reprimanded for her lack of neck in photos, and her inability to embrace her make over. The final scores are revealed, and a shocked Chantelle is eliminated from the competition just 0.1 of a point behind Kari, who is given a second chance.

  • First call-out: Ben Schreen
  • Bottom two: Chantelle Young & Kari Calhoun
  • Eliminated: Chantelle Young
  • Featured photographer: An Le
  • Special guests: Cristophe, Cory Hindorff

The Guy Who Starts a Fight

Original Airdate: September 15, 2014

Back at the top model house, the contestants marvel over Ben's photo before heading off to bed. As part of having won best picture, Ben opts to take Adam with him to the Tyra Suite. Despite having a boyfriend back home, Mirjana continues her flirtatious behavior with Denzel. Romeo feels like an outcast because everyone in the house seems to get along, except for him.

The following day, Tyra teaches the models about being sexy for a commercial before they asked to practice what they have learned. Raelia, Keith, and Will shine during the practice run, while Adam struggles to find the correct movement. Tyra evidently becomes irritated after Lenox gives up in the middle of her practice session.

The next Morning, Yu Tsai wakes up the models and reveals that they will be doing a commercial in pairs for a fragrance, Spyder Byte with the women embodying black widow spiders and the men posing as their victims.

Kari & Denzel
Lenox & Romeo
Raelia & Ben
Shei & Adam
Mirjana & Keith
Matthew & Will

At the shoot, Will, Matthew, Keith, Mirjana, Romeo, and Raelia excel. Denzel and Kari struggle at finding chemistry with each other, due to Denzel becoming distracted by Mirjana, who is giving all her attention to Keith. Lenox struggles to embody the sexual character, while Adam struggles with movement once again.

Back at the house, the contestants celebrate Romeo's birthday.

Most of the contestants are surprised at how personable Romeo is being with everyone. Adam retires after a while, as do a majority of the contestants. After having become drunk, Romeo staggers into the Tyra Suite before being blocked by Adam. They playfully exchange words before Romeo suddenly becomes combative towards Adam. The two exchange threats, with Romeo goading Adam to hit him and Adam trying to get Romeo back to his room. It eventually ends with Romeo headbutting Adam on the side of the face before he is restrained Will and guided back to his room. The following day, Romeo is still berating Adam, while Adam refuses to argue with him.

The models later meet up with Yu and Ms. J for a runway challenge. Before the challenge can commence, Yu and Ms. J immediately state that because of a no physical altercation policy, Romeo has been disqualified from the competition due to the events that had taken place the previous night. He is asked to leave immediately, much to his shock and dismay.

  • Disqualified: Romeo Tostado

Mirjana struggles backstage during practice, but excels on the runway. Raelia falls before making her entrance. Ben, Will and Mirjana are praised for their performances. Ben is ultimately declared as the challenge winner.

At panel Adam is commended for taking the high road in the confrontation between him and Romeo. He is also congratulated on his improvement during the week, but is chastised for his walk. Shei, Kari, Denzel and Lenox all receive negative feedback. Will and Raelia both receive a high level of praise. In a top model first, Lenox becomes the first contestant to receive a 1 from Tyra for not having taken the commercial seriously and neglecting the time she was given to practice what she had been taught.

Will's performance at the shoot earns him best picture, while Adam and Lenox are revealed to be the bottom two. After the final scores roll, Lenox is eliminated from the competition. Immediately after reprimanding Lenox, Tyra reveals that due to Romeo's disqualification, Lenox will be allowed to stay. As a punishment for having had the lowest score, she is given only five frames for the following shoot.

  • First call-out: Will Jardell
  • Bottom two: Adam Smith & Lenox Tillman
  • Originally eliminated: Lenox Tillman
  • Featured director: Franco Lacosta

The Girl Who Got Five Frames

Original Airdate: September 22, 2014

The episode begins as the models come home from elimination. Will chooses Raelia to join him in the Tyra Suite since they are the best of friends in the house. At the same time, Lenox talks with Matthew about how she thinks that Tyra doesn't want her there, because of the score she was given.

The next day, the models arrive at a studio where Yu Tsai announces that they will be doing a slow motion hair whipping shoot. He introduces Massimo Campana, the photographer for the shoot. Massimo reminds the models that every frame counts, especially Lenox who only has five frames as a result of having been called last at panel for the last elimination.

On set, Adam, Shei, Mirjana, Denzel, Will, Raelia, and Kari excel and impress Yu Tsai and Massimo. Lenox struggles and breaks down, but soon collects herself after having a talk with Yu. The models notice that Denzel and Mirjana's relationship contrasts with Kari and Keith's relationship, as the latter two keep their professional on set. Yu Tsai critiques Keith's lack of facial expressions.

The day after the shoot Yu Tsai, joined by cycle 20 contestant Nina Burns, tell the models that they will be having a party in honor of a special guest. Nina introduces Nick Cannon, who tells the models that they will be put to the test by making a panoramic ad campaign for his new line of headphones. Due to having been the bottom three at panel the previous week, Adam, Ben and Lenox are chosen as team captains.

Captain Members
Ben Keith, Shei & Will
Adam Denzel, Mirjana & Raelia
Lenox Kari & Matthew

Nick likes all of the photos that the models produce, but soon declares Lenox's team as the winners of the challenge.

At panel, Lenox, Mirjana, Shei, Will, Raelia and Adam receive good feedback. The rest, with the exception of Ben, Kari, and Keith, receive mixed feedback. Lenox redeems herself and receives best photo. Keith and Ben shockingly end up in the bottom two, both having received best photo in the previous weeks. Keith manages to stay, eliminating Ben from the competition.

  • First call-out: Lenox Tillman
  • Bottom two: Ben Schreen & Keith Carlos
  • Eliminated: Ben Schreen
  • Featured photographer: Massimo Campana
  • Special guests: Nina Burns, Nick Cannon

The Guy Who Wears Heels

Original Airdate: October 3, 2014

After returning to the house, the remaining models see Lenox's photo on the screen. The models, particularly Shei, suspect that Mirjana's feelings for Denzel might be one sided.

For their challenge the contestants are taken to The CW Studios. Kelly introduces them to Lori Openden, the head of talent and casting of The CW. Lori announces that the models will be auditioning for her and an array of other executives for a role in one of The CW shows. They are all asked to choose a partner. Mirjana picks Keith instead of Denzel, remembering that their chemistry in the Spider Byte commercial was spectacular.

Adam & Lenox
Denzel & Shei
Kari & Will
Keith & Mirjana
Matthew & Raelia

While rehearsing their lines, Mirjana becomes distracted when Denzel and Shei begin to practice the kissing scene. After the auditions, Denzel, Adam and Lenox receive praise. Denzel is declared the winner, which shocks Mirjana.

Back at the house, Mirjana is angry when she sees her name and Keith's at the bottom of the score board with a score of five. Mirjana and Denzel later get into an argument due to Mirjana's jealousy towards Shei.

While having a conversation with Keith, Denzel mentions that while he wants a guy to win the competition, he doesn't want it to be Will. He goes on to explain that he feels Will is not an "alpha male" due to his choice of wearing high heeled shoes. Will, who listens to their conversation, becomes upset and tells Raelia about what he heard. Raelia confronts Denzel and tells him that Will heard the entire conversation and is upset. The rest of the models comfort Will.

The models are later taken to an arctic themed photo shoot at a local ice rink. The friction between Denzel and Will is still the talk of the day. Many of the models manage to do well. Kari however struggles to pull off a great shot, despite having an edgy look well suited for the theme. Tension arises at the photo shoot when Raelia overhears Mirjana talking about her as she poses. A confrontation later ensues on the bus ride home between the two.

At panel, before judging starts, Tyra instigates a conversation between Denzel and Will on the subject of Denzel's previous comments. Denzel apologizes and Tyra gives him a strong warning about the fashion industry and what is entailed in it. The judges seem to disagree on many occasions on the scoring of each photo. Lenox, Adam, Will, Keith get good critique, whilst Shei, Raelia and Kari receive negative reviews for their performances this week. Raelia is noted for being good when moving (such as in the commercial two weeks previously), and Shei is criticized for being just "pretty".

Tyra announces that Lenox had earned first call out for the second week in a row and got the keys to the Tyra Suite. Raelia and Kari were in the bottom two, and in the end Kari was eliminated.

  • First call-out: Lenox Tillman
  • Bottom two: Kari Calhoun & Raelia Lewis
  • Eliminated: Kari Calhoun
  • Featured photographer: Franco Lacosta
  • Special guests: Lori Openden, Kristen Vadas

The Girl Who Says It's Over

Original Airdate: October 10, 2014

The remaining nine contestants return to the house to view Lenox's second best photo. Conversations occur between the contestants stating that Adam is improving in the competition. Later on, Denzel and Will have a conversation where Denzel explains the reasons behind his comments and how he is 'a product of his environment'. In the morning, several contestants become annoyed with the continued relationship between Mirjana and Denzel, as they feel Denzel is using Mirjana.

The next morning, the contestants meet Kelly Cutrone and Marvin Scott Jarett, the founder of Nylon magazine. For their challenge, the contestants are split into three groups of three with Keith, Matthew and Mirjana as the team leaders. They are each assigned a special theme from Kelly Cutrone's fashion line, Electric Love Army and given thirty minutes to take photos of the clothing while selling their theme. The winner of the challenge will be featured on Nylon TV with Kelly Cutrone.

Team Theme
Captain Members
Keith Adam & Shei Army
Matthew Raelia & Will Love
Mirjana Denzel & Lenox Electric

Mirjana's team struggles due to the flirting between Mirjana and Denzel which causes them to be told off by Kelly for not following basic instructions. Matthew's team initially struggles, but manage to produce a good shot. Kelly reprimands Matthew over his use of inappropriate language during the task. Keith's team proves victorious and wins the challenge. Upon returning home, the contestants view their challenge scores. Mirjana, Lenox and Denzel all receive a six, which annoys Lenox, as she feels Mirjana and Denzel are to blame for the low scores.

Later in the evening, Denzel discusses how he doesn't want a relationship. This causes Lenox to confront Mirjana over Denzel's comments, which later leads to fight between Mirjana and Denzel, prompting Mirjana to end her relationship with Denzel. The next morning, Mirjana calls her boyfriend to inform him about the previous events, promising not to become intimate with Denzel again.

During the photo shoot, the contestants receive the results from the DNA samples taken before makeovers some weeks before. Tyra introduces them to Ken Chahine, and they begin to reveal common ancestry bonds between the contestants. Raelia, Mirjana and Lenox all share a common heritage of Asian, while Adam and Shei share an ancestry of Irish descent. Keith and Matthew share a heritage of Spanish descent, while Denzel and Will share three common bonds of Finnish, Scandinavian and European Jewish heritage, much to their surprise. The contestants are then informed that they will use their bind heritages in a photo shoot relating to the future of science while posing with cycle twenty contestant, Cory Hindorff.

Model Heritage
Adam Korean, Irish, Polynesian
Denzel African, Finnish, Scandinavian, European Jewish
Keith East African, Spanish, European
Lenox British, German, Scandinavian, Asian
Matthew Irish, German, Spanish
Mirjana Serbian, Asian, European
Raelia African, Polynesian, Asian, Native American
Shei Vietnamese, Polynesian, Irish, Native American
Will Finnish, Scandinavian, European Jewish

Lenox and Will perform well during their sessions, while Matthew and Denzel struggle. Adam, Mirjana, Keith and Shei receive mixed comments from the photographer. Later on in the house Mirjana and Denzel rekindle their relationship, much to the disappointment of the other contestants.

At panel, Lenox and Will are praised for their photographs leading to Lenox receiving full marks on her photo. Matthew and Shei are criticized, while Mirjana is chastised for her low challenge score. The other contestants receive mildly positive feedback overall.

During elimination Lenox received her third first call out in a row, while Matthew and Mirjana are left in the bottom two. Matthew, for his limited amount of facial expressions and coasting in the middle, and Mirjana for her low challenge score and inability to be a strong team leader during the challenge despite a stellar photo. The scores begin to roll and Mirjana is saved, eliminating Matthew from the competition.

After Matthew's elimination, Tyra finds out her DNA results from ancestry DNA to realize that she is 75% African American, 6% Native American and 14% British.

  • First call-out: Lenox Tillman
  • Bottom two: Matthew Smith & Mirjana Puhar
  • Eliminated: Matthew Smith
  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Marvin Scott Jarett, Cory Hindorff, Ken Chahine

The Guy Who Wows Betsey Johnson

Original Airdate: October 17, 2014

The contestants return to the house to find Lenox's third best photo mounted on the screen as digital art. Lenox proceeds to pick Raelia and Shei to share the Tyra suite with her which annoys Will. Keith and Mirjana begin to bicker in the dining room over why she landed in the bottom two.

Later that night, Miss J drops by the house for a sleepover with Lenox, Raelia and Shei. Will expresses annoyance over the fact that Lenox received best photo instead of him. The three girls receive a brief runway and dancing lesson from Miss J. Much like during the teach with Tyra some weeks before, Lenox is hesitant to let herself go. Before leaving, Miss J announces that the contestants will attend castings for Style Fashion Week the next day.

The following day, the models are greeted again by Miss J and NEXT director Alexis Borges at L.A. Live for Style fashion week. They reveal that they will be attending castings for Betsey Johnson, Control sector, Altaf Maaneshia for the girls, and Civil society for the guys.

Shei books the most shows at three. Keith, Raelia and Will book two. Adam, Lenox and Mirjana book one, while Denzel books none.

Model Betsey
Lenox No No Yes n/a
Mirjana No No Yes n/a
Raelia Yes No Yes n/a
Shei Yes Yes Yes n/a
Adam No No n/a Yes
Denzel No No n/a No
Keith Yes No n/a Yes
Will No Yes n/a Yes

During the show, Shei impresses Miss J and Alexis the most. Will is commended on his improved runway walk. Raelia is chastised for having stopped halfway down the catwalk during one of the shows, while Lenox receives criticism on her bored facial expression. Shei is revealed to be the challenge winner. Back at home, she receives clothing from the designers of the show.

For the photo shoot, the contestants are asked to pose in pairs for a Mitch Stone Essentials ad campaign. The pair who gets best photo at panel will have their photo featured on Mitch Stone's website.

Adam & Lenox
Denzel & Shei
Keith & Mirjana
Raelia & Will

Mirjana becomes jealous of Shei, who poses with Denzel. Shei does well, while Denzel is called out on his lack of energy. Will has a hard time lifting Raelia for the photo, but manages to do well. Keith also has trouble lifting Mirjana, who proceeds to shout at him. Will intervenes, causing Mirjana to argue with him, which angers the photographer. After their session is done Will continues to talk about Mirjana, who promptly puts him in his place. Lenox and Adam struggle as a pair.

At panel, Will and Raelia receive the highest scores. Denzel is critiqued on his overly muscled body, which prevented him from booking any shows. Adam, Keith, Mirjana and Shei receive mild to positive feedback. Lenox is critiqued on her inability to let loose.

During elimination Will receives best picture. Raelia follows, meaning that their photo will be featured in Mitch Stone's website. Denzel and Lenox land together in the bottom two. Lenox receives the last photo hanging on by a margin of 0.1, sending Denzel home.

  • First call-out: Will Jardell
  • Bottom two: Denzel Wells & Lenox Tillman
  • Eliminated: Denzel Wells

Immediately after Denzel is eliminated, Tyra brings a buffet of Soul food explaining that the party is too small, and needs more people. The eliminated contestants proceed to step into the room. Tyra reveals that the models will be traveling to Seoul, South Korea for the remainder of the competition. Chantelle and Ben are revealed to have obtained the highest social media averages out of the eliminated guys and girls.

Order Contestant Public Vote Average
1 Chantelle 6.68
2 Ivy 5.88
3 Kari 5.69
1 Ben 6.44
2 Matthew 6.41
3 Denzel 5.99

Before they get a chance to rejoin the other seven contestants, Tyra announces that there is only one seat on the plane for one of them, and that only one contestant will be brought back. The final scores begin to roll, and the episode ends in a cliffhanger.

  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Alexis Borges, Betsey Johnson, Maxwell Amadeus, Altaf Maaneshia, Kiara Belen, Mitch Stone

The Girl with the Bloodcurdling Scream

Original Airdate: October 24, 2014

The episode begins with the continuation of the comeback reveal that had begun the previous panel. Tyra announces that Chantelle has achieved the highest average fan score, and that she will be returning to the competition.

Order Contestant Public Vote Average
1 Chantelle 6.68
2 Ben 6.44
  • Returned: Chantelle Young

Immediately afterwards, she tells the contestants that there will be one last elimination in Los Angeles before they travel abroad to Seoul. Back at home, the models become annoyed by Chantelle's assertion that she was 'enjoying it more on the other side'. Meanwhile, Mirjana struggles at coping with Denzel's elimination.

For the challenge, the contestants are taken to an abandoned slaughter house, where they are introduced to photographer Mark Hunter. They explain that the goal of the challenge is to remain composed for a shoot in the dark while actors in the slaughterhouse attempt to scare them. Will and Adam remain their composure best, while Raelia is the most shaken by the experience. Chantelle and Shei receive the most positive feedback, but it is Chantelle who is chosen as the challenge winner.

Along with Lenox and Will, Raelia receives one of the lowest scores at 6. She becomes extremely emotional about the possibility of being eliminated. For having won best picture the previous week, Will's is given the chance to see his parents for the day. Later in the afternoon Miss J and Yu Tsai drop by the house to explain the theme of the upcoming photo shoot, a public awareness campaign which will be based on the saying 'no glove, no love', which has to do with wearing contraceptives to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS.

On set during hair and make-up, Lenox becomes irritated at Chantelle after she alludes to the fact that she was having a better time while she was eliminated. She later discusses this with the other contestants, who all become irritated.

During the shoot Chantelle initially struggles, but manages to impress near the end. Lenox and Adam both exceed, while Shei is commended for her creative initiative during her session as well as her outstanding performance. Will, Raelia, Keith and Mirjana all struggle to varying degrees.

Back at the house, Mirjana tells Chantelle that one of the contestants said she didn't want to be in the competition. Chantelle proceeds to confront the other contestants, asking that the person who made the comment speak up. Lenox proceeds to say that Chantelle told her she didn't want to be in the competition, while Chantelle accuses Lenox of having twisted her words.

At panel, Chantelle, Lenox, Shei and Adam all receive positive feedback. Kelly calls out Chantelle on her lack of sincerity, with the latter replying that she is used to putting up a wall due to her vitiligo. Will is criticized for his flabby body, while Raelia and Mirjana are critiqued on their lack of energy. Chantelle receives best photo, while Mirjana and Raelia consequently land in the bottom two.

Mirjana is eliminated from the competition, leaving the remaining seven models as the contestants who will compete in South Korea.

  • First call-out: Chantelle Young
  • Bottom two: Mirjana Puhar & Raelia Lewis
  • Eliminated: Mirjana Puhar
  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Mark "The Cobra Snake" Hunter

What Happens on ANTM Stays on ANTM

Original Airdate: October 31, 2014

The episode consists of clips with behind the scenes footage, including never before seen clips like the semi-finalists' imitation of the judges, Romeo's war freak moments, Adam's crazy advice (including his flirty moment with Shei), as well as the continuation of the game truth or dare game where Keith is dared to kiss Denzel.

The episode also reviews Shei's dancing abilities, Mirjana talk with Denzel about her doubt in his feelings for her, as well as the other models talking about how to take Mirjana out of her infatuation to Denzel. Other footage includes Shei and Will's imitation of Adam, Matthew and his alien stories, along with Ms. J's extended visit to the models where he makes fun of Romeo and the pentagram he had left behind.

Cycle 20 winner Jourdan Miller makes an appearance at Style Fashion Week, where she shares Denzel's experience of not having booked any shows her season. The remaining clips show Mirjana apologizing to Will after the argument they'd had in the Mitch Stone photo shoot as well as the models' journey before they head to Seoul, Korea.

The Guy Who Parties Too Hard

Original Airdate: November 7, 2014

The remaining seven models pack their bags before heading to abroad to Seoul for the remainder of the competition. Upon arriving to Korea, the contestants are driven to an open market before meeting up with Yu Tsai, who introduces them to the members of K-pop band BtoB. The goal of their challenge is to dance to one of their songs in front of a crowd before getting their photos taken. The contestant with the best dance moves and photos wins the challenge. The contestants receive a lesson on moves from the band members, and are split into two separate groups for the dance.

Group Contestants
One Adam, Keith, Shei
Two Chantelle, Lenox, Raelia, Will

Chantelle, Lenox, Raelia and Will are up first. Chantelle, Raelia and Will all do well. Lenox struggles most with the dance. Adam Keith and Shei are up afterwards. Shei does fine, while Adam maintains the same face throughout. Keith is complimented on being natural and sexy. After the dance is over, the top three contenders are revealed to be Chantelle, Keith and Raelia. For mixing the dance and modeling elements of the challenge best, Raelia is declared as the winner. The models are then taken to their new suite at the W Seoul Walkerhill Hotel. Raelia is exited for her high challenge score, while Adam is angry when he sees his score of seven. He proceeds to drink the rest of the night, and continues to do so into the morning.

For the photo shoot must pose with MCM bags at Seoul city hall. Tyra arrives on set to do hair and make-up. Adam struggles with his facial expression and movement during his session. Will impresses on set, and takes the least amount of frames to get his final shot. Raelia comes under fire for her overt sexual appeal. Michael Michalsky, the artistic director of MCM, states that her look isn't right to represent the brand. Like Adam, Keith initially struggles. After getting direction from Yu and Tyra, her is able to impress.

Shei does well, and states that several of the make up artists have asked her to tell Chantelle to stop re-touching her hair and make up. Lenox does fine. Chantelle becomes angry after Yu Tsai calls her his 'little panda', explaining that while she knows that he's coming from a place of love, she doesn't want children to think that it's a proper way to refer to someone with a skin condition. She states her desire to confront him the following week. Michael Michalsky states that he loves Chantelle's unique look. She is complimented for looking great, but is critiqued for her lack of variation and attitude.

At panel, Lenox, Will and Keith all receive the highest scores. Shei and Adam, in spite of his poor performance during the shoot, are praised as well. Raelia is critiqued on the poor results of her photo shoot, while Chantelle is called out for letting her attitude and control get in the way of her photos. She is also confronted for changing her hair and make up repeatedly.

During elimination, Keith receives best picture. Will, Lenox and Shei are all declared safe. When Adam is called forward, Tyra tells him that she can smell alcohol in his breath. She warns him to keep his drinking in check. Chantelle and Raelia are called forward as the bottom two. In contrast to Chantelle's cold personality overly controlling ways, Raelia is criticized for her lack of control and direction. Having both totaled a 29 from the challenge and the judges, Chantelle's fan vote of 6.8 manages to beat Raelia's by a margin of 0.4, allowing her to remain in the competition over Raelia, who is eliminated.

  • First call-out: Keith Carlos
  • Bottom two: Chantelle Young & Raelia Lewis
  • Eliminated: Raelia Lewis
  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: BtoB, Michael Michalsky

The Girl Who Gets Caught in a Lie

Original Airdate: November 14, 2014

Pair Contestant Go-sees booked
1 Adam 1 out of 4
Lenox 4 out of 4
2 Chantelle 1 out of 5
Keith 4 out of 5
3 Shei 2 out of 4
Will 0 out of 4
  • First call-out: Keith Carlos
  • Bottom two: Adam Smith & Chantelle Young
  • Eliminated: Chantelle Young
  • Featured photographer: Erik Asla
  • Special guests: Ben Baller, Jay Park, Jinny Kim, Ju-young Lee, The Studio K, Mag & Logan, Sun-jung Lee

The Guy With Moves Like Elvis

Original Airdate: November 21, 2014

Model Portrayal
Adam 1950's Elvis
Keith Jailhouse Rock Elvis
Lenox Seven Year Itch Marilyn
Shei Pin-up Marilyn
Will Vegas Elvis
  • First call-out: Adam Smith
  • Bottom two: Lenox Tillman & Shei Phan
  • Eliminated: Shei Phan
  • Featured photographer: Massimo Campana
  • Special guests: Yoon Jong-hoon, Clara

Finale Part One: The Last Girl Standing

Original Airdate: December 5, 2014 (8/7c)

Model Team Catwalk Crew
Adam Oops Liner Chantelle, Denzel & Kari
Keith Lip Model Mirjana & Shei
Lenox Smack My Fat Lash Ben & Matthew
Will Soulpt in the Stick, Light in the Stick Ivy & Raelia
  • First call-out: Adam Smith
  • Bottom two: Keith Carlos & Lenox Tillman
  • Featured director: Tyra Banks
  • Featured photographer: Yu Tsai
  • Special guests: Allison Harvard

Finale Part Two: America's Next Top Model Is...

Original Airdate: December 5, 2014 (9/8c)

  • Eliminated: Lenox Tillman
  • Final three: Adam Smith, Keith Carlos & Will Jardell
  • Eliminated: Adam Smith
  • Final two: Keith Carlos & Will Jardell
  • America's Next Top Model: Keith Carlos
  • Special guests: Jourdan Miller, 2NE1

Contestant gallery

Ivy Timlin

Eliminated in episode 3

Romeo Tostado

Disqualified in episode 5

Ben Schreen

Eliminated in episode 6

Kari Calhoun

Eliminated in episode 7

Matthew Smith

Eliminated in episode 8

Denzel Wells

Eliminated in episode 9

Mirjana Puhar

Eliminated in episode 10

Raelia Lewis

Eliminated in episode 12

Chantelle Young

Eliminated in episode 4, Returned in episode 10, Eliminated in episode 13

Shei Phan

Eliminated in episode 14

Lenox Tillman

Eliminated in episode 16

Adam Smith

Eliminated in episode 16

Will Jardell


Keith Carlos


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