America's Next Top Model, Cycle 5
Original Channel UPN
Original Run September 21, 2005 – December 7, 2005
Additional Information
No. of contestants 13
Winner Nicole Linkletter
Catch-phrase "Bling It On"
Season chronology
Cycle 4
Cycle 6

America's Next Top Model (cycle 5) was the fifth cycle of America's Next Top Model.

The judges for this cycle were: Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, J. Alexander (replacing Nolé Marin) and Twiggy (replacing Janice Dickinson).

The international destination during this cycle was London, England.

The cast size was reduced from 14 to 13, which was maintained up until Cycle 10.

The house that the girls stayed in the first half of the competition was later used for the first season of the VH1 show Rock of Love with Bret Michaels.

The winner was 20-year-old Nicole Linkletter from Grand Forks, North Dakota.


The prizes for this cycle are:

  • A modeling contract with Ford Models.
  • A fashion spread and cover in Elle Magazine.
  • A US$100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics.


(ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Outcome Post ANTM
Ashley Black 22 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Eliminated in Episode 2 Has appeared in advertisements in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Now an on-air personality for Florida radio station 93 Rock. Has a daughter, Zella Rae.
Ebony Taylor 18 Malibu, California Eliminated in Episode 3 Has kept a low profile since ANTM, but she has done some test shots and fashion weeks. Ebony also competed in the 2010 Miss California pageant.
Cassandra Whitehead 19 Houston, Texas Quit in Episode 4
Sarah Rhoades 18 Boonville, Missouri Eliminated in Episode 4
Diane Hérnandez 23 Orlando, Florida Eliminated in Episode 5 Was signed to Wilhelmina Models and has also been featured in Silhouette and Marianna and on
Coryn Woitel 19 Minneapolis, Minnesota Eliminated in Episode 6 Signed with Caryn Models and modeled with Fingerhut.
Kyle Kavanagh 19 Dexter, Michigan Eliminated in Episode 7 Has modeled and been the spokesperson for Carolyn Ferrari Jewelry. According to her Linkedin, she now lives in Detroit.
Lisa D'Amato 24 Los Angeles, California Eliminated in Episode 10
Kimberly "Kim" Stolz 21 Bronx, New York Eliminated in Episode 11
Jayla Rubinelli 20 Tuscon, Arizona Eliminated in Episode 12 Has modeled for New York Couture, Burn Suburbia Clothing, and the Great Guns 2008 calendar. She tweets frequently.
Brittany "Bre" Scullark 20 Harlem, New York Eliminated in Episode 13
Erika "Nik" Pace 21 Atlanta, Georgia Runner-up In a relationship with Michael Saddler. Has a son.
Nicole Linkletter 20 Grand Forks, North Dakota Winner

Episode Summaries

The Girl With The Twisted Catchphrase

First aired September 21, 2005

The casting process started out with 36 girls who were then interviewed by Tyra, and the two Jays, after a little pose-off. Notable interviews included Coryn revealing the fact that her mother struggled with depression, Nicole getting on her knees, Bre admitting she rarely showered, Jayla stating she went against her whole religion (Jehovah's Witness), and a girl named Susanna that had breast cancer. Nik was quickly judged to be similar to Naima Mora. After the interviews the contestants were narrowed down to just 20 who were then sent to do a mock runway show. Sarah was the only girl to stumble. After that each girl got one on one time with Tyra, where Ebony's desire impressed Tyra, while Lisa used the time to ask Tyra about Will Smith. The judges deliberated and chose just 13 to be in the running this time.

The Girls Become Superheroes

First aired September 21, 2005

After moving into their new home, the contestants went to a party with celebrities and had to walk a runway, portryaing different styles given to them by MC Nate Dogg.

Model Walks
Ashley Sensual
Bre Quirky
Cassandra Posh
Coryn Regal
Diane Ferocious
Ebony Avant-garde
Jayla Spunky
Kim Sassy
Kyle Confident
Lisa Fiesty
Nicole Queenly
Nik Cutting-edge
Sarah Glitzy

Sarah, who was given size 10 shoes (she wears a seven) stumbled, while Kim, who didn't know how to put on make-up was blown off by Ashley. Sarah and Kim shared a kiss in the limousine on the way home. The week's photoshoot had a superhero theme. Nik, Cassandra, Jayla and Lisa excelled but Kim, Ashley and Sarah struggled. Coryn managed to overcome her fear of height. During judging the judges liked Kim's look but not her picture, Diane's face but not her pose or walk and Twiggy criticized Jayla's and Bre's walks as well as Bre's lack of eye contact. Sarah landed in the bottom two because she lost her confidence on the runway but it was Ashley who was eliminated and shocked because the judges felt that she was not a model and was just trying to get by as a pretty girl.

  • First call-out: Nik Pace
  • Bottom two: Ashley Black & Sara Rhoades
  • Eliminated: Ashley Black
  • Featured photographer: Mike Ruiz
  • Special guests: Robin Leach, Nate Dogg, Rob Talty, Eric Howard

The Girl Who Needs A Miracle

First aired September 28, 2005

In the makeover episode, Cassandra, a former beauty pageant competitor who was very attached to her long brown hair, was given the most dramatic makeover. Tyra had doubts about whether Cassandra was more dedicated to pageants or modeling, so she decided to test Cassandra's resolve by giving her a very short blonde hairdo similar to Mia Farrow's character in Rosemary's Baby. Despite much consideration and a major breakdown which surprised everyone, Cassandra went through with the makeover. The girls were then photographed showing off their personal styles.

Models Style
Bre Ghetto Fabulous
Cassandra Mod with an edge
Coryn Sophisticated
Diane Dressy Casual
Ebony Sophisticated with an edge
Jayla Eves St. Laurent Chic
Kim Femme Boy
Kyle Chanel with an edge
Lisa Supermodel with a twist
Nicole 90's one-eyed supermodel
Nik Bohemian Chic
Sarah Ralph Lauren Chic

At the challenge each girl got $500 to shop in Beverly Hills for an outfit that represents their personal style in 90 minutes. Lisa won and got to keep her outfit as well as 3 items from the girls and picked Ebony and Kim who kept theirs and 1 item from another girl.

In the next photo shoot, each contestant partnered with another contestant of her choice, and the two were photographed separately in the same couture-inspired outfit. Ebony regretted choosing Lisa and struggled a lot.

Models Styler Winner
Bre & Nik Country Couture Nik
Cassandra & Jayla Hay Stack Honey Cassandra
Coryn & Sarah Rustic Ruffles Coryn
Diane & Nicole Pretty peasants Nicole
Ebony & Lisa Farm Hand Fatale Lisa
Kim & Kyle Haunting Haberdasheries Kim

At panel during Cassandra's evaluation Tyra revealed that she specifically told the stylists to cut her hair like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby, so she scheduled Cassandra's hair to be cut shorter. Jayla was additionally told she would get short hair. Cassandra, Nicole, Coryn, Kim, Lisa and Nik were featured in a mock story as they were picked as the winners. Diane and Ebony landed in the bottom two, Diane for not using her body well and Ebony because of her poor performance in the shoot and eliminated because the judges felt her dream of modeling was just a dream.

  • First call-out: Cassandra Whitehead
  • Bottom two: Diane Hernández & Ebony Taylo
  • Eliminated: Ebony Taylor
  • Featured photographer: Craig De Cristo
  • Special guest: Louis Licari, Waatani, Latanya, Rob Talty, Erica Howard. James St. James
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Lisa D'Amato

The Girl Who Makes A Disclaimer

First aired October 5, 2005

Tyra stopped by to see how the girls were doing. Miss J helped the girls with their walks by a pool in the ritzy part of L.A. They donned fun hats and skirts and danced around the pool. Their challenge was to walk on a runway and pose on a turning platform for Sue Wong, which Bre won. After Kim, Nik, Jayla, Coryn and Bre went out to eat caviar, and Kim and Sarah made out in one of their beds together (seen onsecurity camera). They also went for a swim together and talked on the lawn chairs. Then the girls posed as fashion victims. The shoot was taken on a moving platform in front of a green screen. During the shoot, Jayla and Cassandra had to get their short hair cuts. Jayla's was successful, while Cassandra was unwilling to have her hair cut shorter and she refused this assignment. In the end, Cassandra decided to quit and leave the competition.

  • Quit: Cassandra Whitehead

In panel, the judges told the girls to give their signature walk. Bre impressed the judges with her walk. The judges placed Kim and Sarah in the bottom two: Kim for giving a disclaimer before demonstrating her runway walk, and Sarah for her weak shoot and bad runway walk. But it was Sarah who got eliminated for lack of self-confidence

  • First call-out: Jayla Rubinelli
  • Bottom two: Kim Stolz & Sarah Rhoades
  • Eliminated: Sarah Rhoades
  • Featured photographer: Mike Rosenthal
  • Special guests: Rob Talty, Sue Wong
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

The Girl Who Gets A Boob Job

First aired October 12, 2005

The girls talked with Twiggy about their flaws and then took a photo shoot to show and hide them. Kyle won the challenge, which was a spa treatment with two friends. She chose Kim and Coryn. Kim expressed that she missed Sarah. Janice Dickinson, a former panel judge, photographed the remaining contestants in the following plastic surgery-themed photo shoot. Each contestant was photographed as if she had undergone a beauty enhancement procedure gone over the top, as follows:

Model Procedure
Bre Cheek Implants
Coryn Botox
Diane Breast Reduction
Jayla Butt Implant
Kim Breast Implants
Kyle Lip Injection
Lisa Face Lift
Nicole Fake Tan
Nik Extreme Hair Extensions

During the photo shoot Lisa had a coversation with Janice, who told her not to "diss" the other girls since Lisa stated that she was "by far the healthiest of the girls", which caused the other contestants to tell Janice that Lisa "dissed everyone." At the end, this caused Lisa to break down, because of what Janice said. Nik had to shoot nude because Jay, Janice, and other crew members did not like the dress that she was to wear. They decided she would shoot nude with the hair covering her as she sat down and only wearing stilettos. Nik was a little worried at first because her parents did not want her shooting nude. At Panel Jayla Wowed the judges , with judge Nigel Barks calling it "One of his favorite photos of the cycle". Nik, Coryn, and Kyle impressed the judges, but Diane failed to show her personality more and landed in the bottom two together with Bre, who wasn't strong enough to handle criticism (despite a strong photo). In the end Bre was saved and Diane was eliminated due to lack of confidence and inability to own her curves.

  • First call-out: Kyle Kavanagh
  • Bottom two: Bre Scullark & Diane Hernández
  • Eliminated: Diane Hernández
  • Featured photographer: Janice Dickinson
  • Special guests: Jay Goldman, John Talty, Dean Factor, Davis Factor
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

The Girl Who Loves Bubbles And Talks To Plants

First aired October 19, 2005

The girls had Iman show them to use food to apply to their faces. Later that day, they were given a three minute interview for an organic product. Kyle won the challenge and was given a mock interview as a spokesperson for a product and picked Nicole to countdown the 5 greatest supermodels of all times with her on The Fabulous Life of Supermodels special on VH1. After the challenge ended, tensions flared between a critical argument over Lisa and Coryn. Later, they had a challenge were they had to complete a commercial shoot, photo shoot, and press interview, all advertising Secretdeodorant, in the space of thirty minutes. Behind the scenes, there was a lot of drama, because Jayla stole Nik's secret, on camera, making Nik and other girls upset. Originally Nik was going to say she was afraid of the dark and slept with a night light and Jayla was going to say she was afraid of the dark. However once on camera Jayla said she was afraid of the dark and they stopped her commercial. When they did take two she said she slept with a night light. This caused Nik to lose sight of her objective and ultimately deliver a bad interview. The girls' secrets used in the commercial as follows:

Models Secret
Bre Loves men's underwear
Coryn Afraid of heights
Jayla Afraid of dark
Kim Walks & talks tough but screams like a girl
Kyle Likes to sing & dance in front of the mirror
Lisa Tells herself she's beautiful everyday
Nicole Eats ice cream in bed
Nik Afraid of dark & sleeps with night light

The undeclared prize was that the girl with the strongest photograph would have her picture run as an actual advertisement for the product in print media. The judges agreed that Jayla had the strongest performance this week, but they chose Nicole's photo as the best one, and selected it. Meanwhile Kim and Lisa also did well on both. Bre had a great commercial and interview but her photo was criticized. Nik's lack of focus and poor performance during her commercial landed her in the bottom two with Coryn who was eliminated because she could not overcome her melancholy demeanor.

  • First call-out: Lisa D'Amato
  • Bottom two: Coryn Woitel & Nik Pace
  • Eliminated: Coryn Woitel
  • Featured photographer: Jason Willheim
  • Featured commercial director: Bill Heuberger
  • Special guests: Iman, Chris Spencer, Kevin Mock, Ryan Devlin
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

The Girls Who Are 1940s Pin-ups

First aired October 26, 2005

The girls were coached in a black-and-white photo shoot with Tyra assisting them. They then went to a boot camp where they had to do all sorts of physical activities, including crawling in the mud, and then directly (without changing or showering) to a go-see with Elle Girl, a challenge which Lisa won, allowing her to meet and be taught by fashion stylist Todd Hallman. The contestants shot advertisements for Ford Fusion dressed as Vargas "pin-up" girls. They also learned that the future winner of the cycle would have her picture run in magazines as a real ad. Kim, Jayla, and Lisa once again impressed the judges, while Kyle was eliminated in this round as she failed to be expressive in her face in the pin-up shot and use the potential she had to stand out in photo shoots.

  • First call-out: Kim Stolz
  • Bottom Two: Bre Scullark & Kyle Kavanagh
  • Eliminated: Kyle Kavanagh
  • Featured photographer: Richard Dean
  • Special guests: Eric Viskovicz, Brandon Holley, Marie Sutter, Lori Trott, Todd Hallman, Ruth Kahn, Rob Talty
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

The Girl Who Wants To Step On The Pretty Flower

First aired November 2, 2005

Is a flash back episode about the girls. It included Lisa's drinking problem and the fight with Coryn and Lisa.

The Girl Whose Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her

First aired November 9, 2005

The girls went to see a photoshoot featuring Cycle 3's winner Eva Pigford and learned some valuable information from her about entourage, and proceeded to have a challenge in which they had to choose their own entourage. They had to also impress Benny Medina by doing a storyboard on their lives, and Kim won. She got to guest star in an episode of Veronica Mars. The girls then did a photoshoot with Wild Boyz, who helped portray various scenarios that were meant to annoy and anger the girls.

Models Scenario
Bre Stolen underwear
Jayla Playing with the dog
Kim Pool stunts
Lisa Stolen make-up
Nicole Cheating boyfriend (with Kim)
Nik Stolen dress

Steve-O seemed to take a particular shine to Nicole, but We Man's immature personality did not sit well with Bre, and neither did Lisa's proclamation that she was going to urinate in a diaper while on-set. Meanwhile Nik and Kim did well, Bre stepped up and wowed Jay and the judges. Nicole and Jayla failed to impress the judges with their photographs and were called forward as the bottom two. Tyra shocked the contestants by announcing that both girls were "packing their bags," then revealed a picture of the Union Jack. Both girls were still in the running to becoming America's Next Top Model because everyone would be packing their bags to go to London.

  • First call-out: Bre Scullark
  • Bottom two: Jayla Rubinelli & Nicole Linkletter
  • Eliminated: None
  • Featured photographer: Nadia Pandolfo
  • Special guests: Benny Medina, Kristen Bell, Eva Pigford, Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Jason Acuna, Nadia Pandolfo, Samara D'Auria, Marie Suter, Terell Muller, Jonathan Hanover, Kareem Black, BJ Gillian, Jean Kwolek, Rob Talty, Thi Chien
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

The Girl Who Talks Behind Everyone's Back

First aired November 16, 2005

The girls got a visit from Jenny Shimizu which inspired Kim as well as a lesson about image where they saw bad pictures of them. While Nik was phoning a friend, Kim made a joke to the person on the other end, irritating her. They then took passport pictures, which was revealed to be a challenge that Bre won. She picked Nik to share her prize. Then each of the girls got a message from their close ones. They finally took their plane, much to Lisa's relief, who was getting impatient. In the limo, Kim was confronted by Nik, Jayla and Bre about talking about people behind their backs when she caught Nik and Bre talking about her. After being told by Bre that she had an ugly character, Kim started to cry and apologized. The girls arrived in London Heathrow Airport where Miss J escorted them for being ambushed by paparazzi and photographed by them. They then moved into Savoy Hotel as their loft (for the remainder of the competition) and later that night two English gentlemen took Bre and Nik out on a carriage in London, while Kim wrote an apology letter but Nik and Bre were still not convinced. The girls then posed together in aphone booth with only underwear, their galoshes, and a newspaper to cover themselves, as if they had been caught by paparazzi. At judging, it was revealed that the paparazzi "attack" was a judging test and Jayla was the only one without a bad picture. Bre was noted for taking another strong shot and so was Kim. Jayla & Lisa, two frontrunners and fast friends, despite both taking greats photos, fell into the bottom two. Jayla was told even though she takes great photos alone, when paired with other girls she blends in. Despite this, Lisa was sent home because her spitfire personality came across as arrogance.

  • First call-out: Kim Stolz
  • Bottom two: Jayla Rubinelli & Lisa D'Amato
  • Eliminated: Lisa D'Amato
  • Featured photographer: Nick Maroudias
  • Special guests: Jenny Shimizu, Mark Anderson, Nick Maroudias, Kevin Frazier
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Bre Scullark

The Girl Who Retaliates

First aired November 23, 2005

This section may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards. (Consider usingmore specific clean up instructions.) Please improve this section if you can. The talk page may contain suggestions. (November 2010) For this week's challenge, the girls had to pose as statues in a park. Nicole struggled as pigeons surrounded her and had a fear of birds, while Nik won, and chose Jayla and Bre for the prize - a shopping spree worth $15,000 at "Harrods"; ($10,000 for Nik and $5,000 for Bre and Jayla). Back at the hotel, Bre had discovered her opened granola bars were stolen and thrown out Nicole's Red Bull in a sink. Later, the five remaining contestants then posed as modern interpretations of classical art in an advertisement for Quench body lotion by Olay.

Models Recreated Painting
Bre Mona Lisa
Jayla Whistler's Mother
Kim The Birth of Venus
Nicole Girl with a Pearl Earring
Nik Vintruvian Man

An argument brewed between Bre and Nicole over Bre's stolen granola bars. Bre thought Nicole stole them and dumped Nicole's Red Bull. Nicole wanted Bre to pay for the Red Bull. As she was leaving the room Kim walked by. Bre tried to hide them, but Kim saw her and wanted to know what she was doing. Bre ended up holding down Kim so she wouldn't be loud. Both girls were laughing and trying to be quiet. When Bre told Kim what she did Kim was upset. Kim told Nicole which made Nicole and Bre angry. Nicole for what Bre did and Bre for Kim telling Nicole. The three girls fought at the shoot. All of the girls, with the exception of Kim, impressed the judges at panel. Bre and Kim ultimately landed in the bottom, Bre for lashing out against Nicole and Kim for her lackluster photo. While the judges were deciding who was out, Bre and Kim fought behind the scenes. Bre claimed that Kim was an "Ugly Person" and had an "Ugly Personality." Despite the fight Kim was eliminated due to a lack of consistency during the competition.

  • First call-out: Nik Pace
  • Bottom two: Bre Scullark & Kim Stolz
  • Eliminated: Kim Stolz
  • Featured photographer: Barry Lategan
  • Special guests: Jason Leung, Sukeena Rao
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Bre Scullark

The Girl Who Takes A Pill

First aired November 30, 2005

The girls went on go-sees. They had to dress mod, bollywood, preppy, and punk. Nik won the challenge and chose Nicole to share in the prize. Nicole then picked Jayla. Nik won 100 frames. Nicole won 80 frames. Jayla won 60 frames. Bre only got 50 frames and couldn't see herself before the photo shoot. The girls then split in groups of two (Nik & Jayla, Bre & Nicole) to go see London and Bre and Nicole made up, with Bre even agreeing to compensate Nicole's energy drinks. The final four were photographed in a Bollywood-inspired shoot to stand out in front of the crowd and reflecting the Indian influence on British fashion in recent years. Having been sick the day of the photoshoot, Bre took some medicine, which made her sleepy and made her underperform at the shoot. Afterwards, they had a dinner at an Indian restaurant with Nigel and he brought his mother (who is Sri Lankan) to introduce them and how to make a Sari. At panel, they had a judging test by dressing in Saris. Nik and Nicole, once again, wowed the judges, Bre and Jayla were in the bottom two once again, and Jayla was eliminated because the judges felt she wasnt strong enough to survive in the cutthroat modeling industry.

  • First call-out: Nicole Linkletter
  • Bottom two: Bre Scullark & Jayla Rubinelli
  • Eliminated: Jayla Rubinelli
  • Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Special guests: Simon Doonan, Ashley Isham, Robert Cary-Williams, Barbara Hulanicki, Sarah Feeney, Amy Molineaux, Gillian Barker
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

The Girl Who Is On The Cover

First aired December 7, 2005

In the season finale, Nik, Bre, and Nicole shot a CoverGirl commercial and stills. While Nik's strong performance was an improvement from her previous showing in the Secret shoot, Nicole struggled. Nik was chosen first to continue on in the final round. Nicole's bad performance in the commercial landed her in the bottom two with Bre, who was sent home because she did not seem as strong as the other two girls.

  • First call-out: Nik Pace
  • Bottom two: Bre Scullark & Nicole Linkletter
  • Eliminated: Bre Scullark
  • Featured photographer: Kate Martin
  • Covergirl of the Week: Nik Pace

Nik and Nicole then shot a magazine cover with Tyra Banks, photographed by Gilles Bensimon, knowing that the winner's cover would be published in the February 2006 issue of Elle Girl. They then competed in the final runway competition, in which previous Top Model winners, Eva Pigford and Naima Mora participated. At the final elimination panel, the judges favored both Nicole's walk and look and Nik's final performances in the Covergirl shoot, and subsequently Nicole Linkletter was selected to be the fifth winner of America's Next Top Model.

  • Final two: Nicole Linkletter & Nik Pace
  • America's Next Top Model: Nicole Linkletter
  • Featured photographers: Gilles Bensimon
  • Featured commercial director: Sara Dunlop
  • Special guests: Eva Pigford, Naima Mora, Gilles Bensimon, Jim De Yonker, Brandon Holly, Nargess Gharani, Vanya Strok
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Nik Pace

Contestant gallery

Ashley Black

Eliminated in episode 2

Ebony Taylor

Eliminated in episode 3

Cassandra Whitehead

Quit in episode 4

Sarah Rhoades

Eliminated in episode 4

Diane Hernandez

Eliminated in episode 5

Coryn Woitel

Eliminated in episode 6

Kyle Kavanagh

Eliminated in episode 7

Lisa D'Amato

Eliminated in episode 10

Kim Stolz

Eliminated in episode 11

Jayla Rubinelli

Eliminated in episode 12

Bre Scullark

Eliminated in episode 13

Nik Pace


Nicole Linkletter


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