America's Next Top Model, Cycle 6
Original Channel UPN
Original Run March 8, 2006 –
May 17, 2006
Additional Information
No. of contestants 13
Winner Danielle Evans
Catch-phrase "Fairy Tales Come True"
Season chronology
Cycle 5
Cycle 7

America's Next Top Model, Cycle 6 premiered on March 8, 2006, which would be the last cycle to air on UPN before merging with the The WB to create the The CW.

The judges for this cycle were: Tyra Banks, Nigel Barker, J. Alexander and Twiggy.

The international destination during this cycle was Bangkok & Phuket, Thailand.

The winner was 20 year old Danielle Evans from Little Rock, Arkansas.


The prizes for this cycle are:

  • A modeling contract with Ford Models.
  • A fashion spread and cover in Elle Magazine.
  • A US$100,000 contract with CoverGirl cosmetics.


(ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Height Hometown Outcome Post ANTM
Katherine "Kathy" Hoxit 20 5'10 Brevard, North Daktota Eliminated in Episode 2
Wendy Wiltz 22 5'11 New Orleans, Louisiana Eliminated in Episode 3 Has appeared in Jet, Ebony, and on BET's Rip the Runway. Now lives in New Orleans, where she's listed as working in marketing. Married to Drew Thompson and has a daughter.
Kari Schmidt 18 5'8 Brookings, South Dakota Eliminated in Episode 4
Gina Choe 21 5'10 Odessa, Florida Eliminated in Episode 5
Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi 25 5'9 Tampa, Florida Eliminated in Episode 6 No longer models. Has a son.
Alejandra "Leslie" Mancia 18 5'10 Avondale, Arizona Eliminated in Episode 7 Was signed to several agencies including Ford Models and Muse Management. She also modeled for several contestants on Project Runway. In a relationship with Jay Balmes.
Brooke Staricha 21 5'11 Fort Worth, Texas Eliminated in Episode 8 Now models by her middle name, Zenaida. She models with various agencies including Q Models and the Neal Hamil Modeling Agency.
Nnenna Agba 24 5'10 Houston, Texas Eliminated in Episode 9 Worked with MC2 Model Management in New York City, has been on the cover of Time Out London and True Love magazines, appeared in Essence, and modeled for Lulu. She was also a spokesperson for the Save Africa Concerts Foundation.
Furonda Brasfield 24 5'11 Stuttgart, Arkansas Eliminated in Episode 11
Sara Albert 21 6'1 Malibu, California Eliminated in Episode 12
Jade Cole 26 5'10 Queens, New York Eliminated in Episode 13
Joan Ann "Joanie" Dodds 24 5'9 Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania Runner-up
Danielle Evans 20 5'11 Little Rock, Arkansas Winner

Episode Summaries

The Girl Who Learns How to Dance

First aired March 8, 2006

The 32 hopeful contestants arrived in a Pasadena hotel to start a runway challenge. Yvonne, a 27-year-old doctor, who won the catwalk challenge and impressed both of the Jays. The contestants who were driven to impress Tyra & the Jays. Memorable contestants included Wendy, who revealed that she hasn't been able to speak with her family since they evacuated Hurricane Katrina, Jade, who gave the judges something to talk about after being a little cocky, Joanie, who showed the judges her rebellious side by showing her cage dancer moves, and as well as telling the judges she was the daughter of a preacher and Dani tells the judges over her personality in debates during her audition video. They were then trimmed down to 20 contestants, and they have to participate on their photo shoot. Tyra selected the 13 finalists to enter the competition. There were many older girls in this cycle, as 9 out of the 13 contestants were 21 years old and over, while Jade was the only 26-year-old contestant since Robyn Manning of Cycle 1.

The Girls Go Bald

First aired March 8, 2006

The girls were taken to Bel Age hotel for an interview challenge with Janice Dickinson. Nnenna won the challenge due to her personality and chose Jade, Gina and Sara to be the first four to enter the house to choose their bedrooms. The rest of the contestants moved into their house in Los Angeles with four fashion-inspired rooms and one "Top Model" room. Jade claimed she was "the undiscovered supermodel" and declared herself front runner of the competition. They had a dinner together and Gina got over drunk in alcoholism. The girls arrived at Warren Tricomi salon and thought they were having makeovers and believed that they would all be shaved bald as a way to level the competition for the photo shoot, when in fact they were fitted with skull caps and posed wearing Swarovski crystals in an array of mannequin heads. Many of the girls' photos impressed the judges, particularly Kari, Danielle and Sara, who Tyra commended by saying her photo was "one of the best photos in the history of America's Next Top Model." Furonda and Kathy landed in the bottom two, but Kathy was eliminated over Furonda, (whose photo Tyra said was the worst in the group) because the judges felt that Kathy looked lost in her photo, and because the judges didn't feel she had model potential.

  • First call-out: Nnenna Agba
  • Bottom two: Furonda Brasfield & Kathy Hoxit
  • Eliminated: Kathy Hoxit
  • Featured photographers: Jay Lawrence Goldman, Pascal Demeester
  • Special guests: Janice Dickinson, Ève Salvail, Todd Newton, Trish Moreno, Rolanda Watts, Trey Smith, Tina Frazier, Sarah Gold

The Girl Who Is A True Miss Diva

First aired March 15, 2006

The remaining 12 contestants were taken back to Warren Tricomi salon and got their makeovers. During the makeover process, Jay spoke with each of the girls to help them to establish their individual styles, Jade thought she looked bad in short hair and wanted to chose long hair extensions instead. At the following day, they participated in Gen Art Fashion Show and they had to embody in a clothing challenge. Nnenna won her second challenge for her interpretation of the "new African queen," and once again chose Jade and Gina to accompany her for a $5,000 shopping spree at Nanette Lepore. She chose these two because they did not get along and hoped the interaction would help their relationship.

Model Style
Brooke 1940's-50's Vintage
Danielle Hip-hop glam
Furonda Quirky beautiful
Gina Simplistic chic
Jade Bohemian
Joanie All-American
Kari Bohemian chic
Leslie Simplistic sexy chic
Mollie Sue Mod
Nnenna New African Queen
Sara Street chic
Wendy Urban glam

For the photo shoot, the contestants posed with ice sculptures. Many girls did well, especially Danielle and Kari. Furonda was commended for her improvement, and Brooke's high fashion look and photo earned her the first call-out. Jade and Wendy ended up in the bottom two. Although Jade made a poor impression with the judges while taking a poor photograph, she was spared over Wendy (whose family had been affected by Hurricane Katrina) was sent home due to her inability to transfer her modeling potential to photographs, as well as lack of focus.

  • First call-out: Brooke Staricha
  • Bottom two: Jade Cole & Wendy Wiltz
  • Eliminated: Wendy Wiltz
  • Featured photographer: Richard Reinsdorf
  • Special guests: Joel Warren, Edward Tricomi, Naima Mora, Rachel Zoe
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Nnenna Agba

The Girl Who Kissed A Roach

First aired March 22, 2006

This episode featured the eleven remaining contestants practicing the runway. The girls had to do a runway with cockroaches for Jared Gold's spring collection. Gina was terrified about the cockroaches while Jade tried to impress the judges by kissing the cockroach at the end of the runway. She won the challenge and picked Danielle, Mollie Sue, Nnenna & Leslie to join her in a trip to the Sheri Bodell fashion show, which was a part of Los Angeles' fashion week. For the photo shoot, the girls had to take a photo while falling and were posed as a character from a popular fairy tale:

Model Character
Brooke The Emperor from The Emperor's New Clothes
Danielle Snow White (nicknamed Snow Black)
Furonda Rapunzel
Gina Sleeping Beauty
Jade Little Red Riding Rood
Joanie Cinderella
Kari Goldilocks
Leslie The Big Bad Wolf
Mollie Sue Little Boy Blue
Nnenna The Frog Princess
Sara Gretel from Hansel & Gretel

At panel, several girls tripped or fell during the challenge during an impromptu Vivienne Westwood style runway challenge at judging. While Joanie received praise for maintaining a model's walk and her steadiness on the 10-inch heels, Danielle fell twice – the second time which she sprained her toe and was on crutches during panel deliberation. Jade and Danielle were praised by the judges for having the top photos. Gina and Kari landed in the bottom two. The judges said Gina lacked the confidence she needed to get by as a model and her photos had been some of the worst in the bunch. Despite that, Kari, who was considered as one of the front-runners of the competition, was sent home, leaving Gina, as well as other girls in shock.

  • First call-out: Jade Cole
  • Bottom two: Gina Choe & Kari Schmidt
  • Eliminated: Kari Schmidt
  • Featured photographer: Tracy Bayne
  • Special guests: Fern Mallis, Sheri Bodell, Sutan, Jared Gold
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Nnenna Agba

The Girl Who Kissed A Male Model

First aired March 29, 2006

This episode featured the girls receiving lessons on commercial and high-fashion posing from Janice Dickinson and Lisa from Cycle 5. After the lessons, they had a dinner in a Korean restaurant with Janice. Their challenge was to model for a Sears catalog, using the four seasons as their back-drop. Nnenna easily won her third challenge and her prize was the entire wardrobe used for the shoot. Meanwhile, problems between Gina and Jade escalated into an argument at dinner, instigated by Janice. Back at home, Gina finally had enough and stood up for herself. The next day, the girls met with Tyra during taping of The Tyra Banks Show and discussed the girls' future goals. Then, they had a photo shoot which involved the contestants posing as their future goals, as follows:

Model Dream Career
Brooke Anesthetist
Danielle Singer
Furonda Human Rights Attorney
Gina Fashion Designer
Jade Kindergarten Teacher
Joanie Stay-at-home Mom
Leslie Criminal Justice Investigator
Mollie Sue Makeup Artist
Nnenna Drug researcher
Sara Prosecutor

Nnenna was kissed by the model Vaughn Lowery, with whom she was posing, creating some on-air problems with Nnenna and her boyfriend. At judging, Tyra was impressed the most by Joanie's awesome photo and film, with Leslie, Furonda and Jade also impress. Danielle's photo was considered as decent, but Tyra warned her for not showing enough of her personality in her film. Tyra then questioned Gina about her stiff performance and Brooke for her stiff film although comes out with a great shot. In the end, Tyra chose Brooke over Gina, crediting Brooke with still having potential, while the judges had felt that Gina had mentally left the competition.

  • First call-out: Furonda Brasfield
  • Bottom two: Brooke Staricha & Gina Choe
  • Eliminated: Gina Choe
  • Featured photographer: Thomas Klementsson
  • Special guests: Janice Dickinson, Lisa D'Amato, Lawrence Zarian, Russel Baer, Christian Marc, John Thomas, Skyler, Vaughn Lowery, Steven Bruns, Zane
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Danielle Evans

The Girl With Two Bad Takes

First aired April 5, 2006

The girls spent the week learning about acting and improv. They had a shock at first; while Tyra was talking to them, she suddenly became lightheaded and fainted. All the girls rushed to her aid, but Tyra bounced up and yelled that she staged the faint to show them how to really commit and convince an audience. Furonda was especially distraught by Tyra's trick and the girls then attended a workshop at The Groundlings. Later, the girls put their skills to use in a challenge led by Nick Cannon. Furonda's quick wit impressed Cannon and his friends, and she won a guest role on Veronica Mars. Furonda also won the opportunity to record a public service announcement about HIV prevention, which she shared with Nnenna. In place of a photo shoot that week, the girls once again had to utilize their improvisation skills in a commercial shoot for CoverGirl. Most of the girls had flaws in their commercials, but Furonda's overall presence and Sara's confidence stood out and impressed the judges. Mollie Sue and Jade ended up in the bottom two for their bad commercials. Although Jade still had a bad attitude, Mollie Sue was ultimately sent home for failing to show any personality in front of panel.

  • First call-out: Furonda Brasfield
  • Bottom two: Jade Cole & Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi
  • Eliminated: Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi
  • Featured commercial director: Mike Rosenthal
  • Special guests: Nick Cannon, Robert Hoffman, Leonard Robinson, Jeremy Rowley, Marvelyn Brown, Steve Guttenberg, Charlie Altuna
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Nnenna Agba

The Girl Who Has A Temper

First aired April 12, 2006

The contestants learned the "runway twirl" from the Aswirl Twins. They put their knowledge to the test in a church fashion show challenge. Jade and Joanie were the two crowd favorites, but in the end, Jade won a $25,000 diamond ring. Jade then chose Furonda to have a $10,000 diamond ring, who lastly chose Nnenna to have an $8,000 diamond ring. Brooke was mad at Nnenna because she kept using the phone to call her boyfriend, and Brooke ended up lashing out at Nnenna, which surprised some of the girls. The animosity between Brooke and Nnenna began to throw Brooke off her game. The photo shoot required the girls to "krump," a modern dance style, to advertise Payless shoes. Jade wowed Mr. Jay at the photoshoot by adding something special to the end of the photoshoot. However, it was Joanie's photo that floored the judges. Before deliberation, Tyra demonstrated her signature runway walk and then made a slow, flawless turn, as though on a turntable. Stressing the importance of a signature walk and ease of movement, she then had all the girls follow suit and perform their own walk and turn for the judges. Joanie was praised for her originality in her walk, photoshoot, and her excellent grasp of all that had been taught during the week, and Tyra called her name first. Sara and Leslie wound up in the bottom two for their poor challenge performance as well as a weak photo, but they felt Sara had more potential. Leslie was eliminated for not being a model in person, bad runway walk, posture and presence.

  • First call-out: Joanie Dodds
  • Bottom two: Leslie Mancia & Sara Albert
  • Eliminated: Leslie Mancia
  • Featured photographer: Trevor O'Shana
  • Special guests: Lloyd Klein, the Aswirl twins, Tommy the Clown, Sol Rafael, Mai Quynh, Christian Marc, Sutan, Roy Campbell
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Nnenna Agba

The Girl Who Has Surgery

First aired April 19, 2006

In this week's episode, the contestants were critiqued harshly by an agent (later revealed to be an actress) wanting to test their response under pressure. After the critique, each model took a Polaroid shot to measure how they took the criticism and how it affected their work through their facial expressions. Jade won the challenge because she took the criticism she was given without allowing it to affect her negatively. Jade chose Nnenna to share in the prize with her, which turned out to be a visit from a loved one. Nnenna's boyfriend (to her dismay) arrived, as well as Jade's mother. There are one of two photo shoots that were taken in this episode where the girls did a doll photo shoot sponsored by Pantene Pro-V shampoo, as follows:

Model Doll
Brooke Glamour Doll
Danielle Marionette
Furonda Rag Doll
Jade Mannequin
Joanie Ventriloquist's Dummy
Nnenna Baby Doll
Sara Teen Doll

After the first photo shoot, the girls all went to the dentist to have their teeth whitened. However, Danielle and Joanie were both offered to have their teeth fixed. Joanie received veneers to fix her "snaggle tooth," and while Danielle was offered the chance to fix the gap between her front teeth, she declined, claiming the gap was a part of who she was. After Joanie had her surgery (which lasted 12 hours), she did not like how her mouth felt. The next day, the girls met Marc Ecko, Janice and Eva of Cycle 3 for an interview. After the meeting, they had another photo shoot by Tyra, in which each girl was photographed crying using a tear jerking formula. Joanie returned to the dental clinic that did not like how she spoke, but when everything was completed after another 6 hours of surgery, she had a new smile and was very happy. Joanie impressed the judges especially on both shoots, and Furonda was once again praised for her improvement, Danielle and Sara did well, and Jade had an amazing picture, but landed in the bottom two with Brooke regardless. Jade's overall "fakeness" irked the judges, but it was ultimately Brooke who was sent home, due to her inability to transfer her strong looks onto a photo.

  • First call-out: Joanie Dodds
  • Bottom two: Brooke Staricha & Jade Cole
  • Eliminated: Brooke Staricha
  • Featured photographers: Jim De Yonker, Pascal Demeester
  • Special guests: Janice Dickinson, Eva Pigford, Marc Ecko, Mitch Stone, Alexander Rankovic, Charlie Altuna, Dr. Edgardo Falcon,Sutan, Jeff Lorch, Deprise Brescia, Diana Cole (Jade's mother), John (Nnenna's boyfriend)
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Joanie Dodds

The Girl Who Is A Model, Not A Masseuse

First aired April 26, 2006

This episode began with a session of press training, in which the final six contestants were taught how to deal with difficult interview questions and given pointers on how to improve. Nnenna won the challenge and received massages administered by the other contestants and picked Jade to share her prize. Danielle, who did not want to have the gap between her front teeth closed, changed her mind at Tyra's urging, in order to attain a more "CoverGirl" smile and compromised by having her gap closed almost fully, leaving it a tiny bit open. Before long, the contestants were taken to aThai restaurant and they met a drag version of Tyra, who told them they would be heading to Bangkok, Thailand for the remainder of the competition. Upon arriving in the city, the girls arrived at their hotel learning about Thai culture. The next day, the girls went to the spa where Nnenna and Jade had a massage (during their challenge won) as the other girls did administrating. They had a photo shoot in which they were given the assignment to pose hanging upside down from nets as mermaids over an open floating market.(This photo shot was sponsored by Banana Boat sunblock lotion). Joanie, Sara, Jade, and Danielle performed well on this difficult photo shoot. Furonda took good and bad shots and Nnenna struggled to turn out a good shot, ultimately landing both of them in the bottom two. At judging, the girls had to deliver their personalities through words. Although Furonda was criticized for dressing too flashy, it was Nnenna who was eliminated on her first bottom two appearance after her progress in the competition seemed to plateau and that the judges felt she was slipping fast.

  • First call-out: Danielle Evans
  • Bottom two: Furonda Brasfield & Nnenna Agba
  • Eliminated: Nnenna Agba
  • Featured photographer: Jaturong Hirankarn
  • Special guests: Rachel McCallister, George Wayne, Dr. Edgardo Falcon, Sutan
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Joanie Dodds

The Girl Who Is Going To The Moon

First aired April 26, 2006

This was the recap episode of the season that showed a 'behind-the-scenes' look at each of the episodes up to this point. Jade was revealed to have a "secret language" of her own, using made-up words such as "analystical." More insight was given into the argument between Brooke and Nnenna regarding Nnenna's use of the phone, the decision of the judges to keep Gina instead of Kari, which shocked many girls, especially Leslie, and Kathy's quote equating her chance to compete on ANTM to the odds of her making it to the moon.

The Girl Who Is Rushed To The Emergency Room

First aired May 3, 2006

While in Thailand, the girls competed by learning and performing an intricate Thai dance and perform in front of judges. Furonda unfortunately failed to retain the Thai dancing teacher's instructions, and her performance made the Thai audience laugh. Once again, Joanie performed very solidly and ended up winning the challenge. Joanie decided to choose Sara to share in her prize which was a dinner with the fashion editor of Thailand's Elle because Joanie felt bad that Sara hadn't won anything before. Sara expressed some disdain in her interview, saying that Joanie shouldn't have picked her out of pity. Danielle was unable to participate in the challenge as she was taken to the hospital for exhaustion, dehydration, and food poisoning, but she left the hospital and was able to return in time for the photoshoot. To arrive at the shoot, the girls traveled by elephant deep into the jungle, where they posed on the elephants to advertise Venus razors. Joanie put out a stellar shoot, with creative poses while balancing on the elephant's foot, which impressed the judges and gave her the first call-out. Sara tried to copy Joanie's poses, but didn't quite live up to Joanie's execution of them, and the judges criticized her for her lack of creativity in the shoot. Despite that, Sara's photo was very strong. Danielle also received great praise for recovering so quickly in her photoshoot, and delivering a gorgeous photograph. Jade and Furonda were the bottom two, but Jade was once again spared, despite her arrogance and overall bad attitude, and Furonda was eliminated for her inability to take instruction.

  • First call-out: Joanie Dodds
  • Bottom two: Furonda Brasfield & Jade Cole
  • Eliminated: Furonda Brasfield
  • Featured photographer: Pongsak Tangtiwaja
  • Special guests: Patravadi Mejudhon, Sirithon Srichalakom, Petra Sriwaranon, Sutan, Siri Udomritthiruj
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Joanie Dodds

The Girls Go to Phuket

First aired May 10, 2006

The remaining four contestants had arrive at Temple of the Dawn to met designer Pichita Rucksajit, who sent them to four go-sees. They were given ฿2,500 each to buy presents for the designers (to comply with Thai customs). The notorious traffic jam in Bangkok delayed all of them on their way back. When they finally finished, Rucksajit announced that because of their tardiness, they all disqualified themselves from the prize (a line of Thai dresses), although it was announced Danielle was the challenge winner. The Tyra Mail after the challenge says that they were going to Phuket. The next morning, Tyra came to visit them and told them the story about the tsunami disaster on December 26, 2004. The photo shoot of the week was sponsored by Ocean Pacific, Elle Girl and Amp'd Mobile. The head of these sponsors flew all the way to the beach in Phuket to watch the girls take pictures. To make them even more nervous, the photographer was Nigel Barker. After the photo shoot, they flew back to Bangkok. At judging, Jade finally won the recognition of Nigel Barker who said her picture was great. Joanie's photo was praised as well. Danielle's pose in the picture was criticized because it was suitable for men's magazine, and not Elle Girl, a women's magazine. Danielle's accent remained a problem unsolved, landing her in the bottom two, for the judges wondered if she could be an articulate enough to be a model for CoverGirl. In the end, although she had an amazing photo and put in commendable effort towards improving as a model throughout the competition, Sara was eliminated for being unable to improve fast enough to keep up with the other girls.

  • First call-out: Joanie Dodds
  • Bottom two: Danielle Evans & Sara Albert
  • Eliminated: Sara Albert
  • Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Special guests: Kai Kawtong, Rai von Bueren, Christy Bayle, Eric Crane, Pichita Rucksajit, Jui Rongnarangsin, Disaya Prakobsantisukh
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Danielle Evans

The Girl Who Walked Through The Ancient City

First aired May 17, 2006

Jay Manuel visited the remaining three contestants, and informed them that they would be doing both a photo shoot and a commercial forCoverGirl mascara the next day. Jade, who did not memorize her lines, improvised to such an extent that she exasperated Jay. Jade then had to read her lines off cue cards. Joanie performed well in her commercial, despite struggling with her new teeth, while Danielle fumbled with her lines and was very self-conscious of her accent. After their commercials, the girls did their photo shoots. At judging, Jade's photograph was praised but her commercial was criticized. The judges also criticized Jade's tendency to be too outspoken. Joanie's commercial and photograph were well received. Danielle's photograph also received positive feedback. Her commercial, however, received criticism from Tyra and Twiggy because of her prominent Southern accent. After deliberation, Joanie was called first, leaving Danielle and Jade landed in the bottom two. In the end, Jade was sent home in her fifth bottom two appearance, as she was still making excuses and had a bad attitude and arrogant personality. She then went on to make one of the strangest departures in ANTM history. From all of the ANTM cycles, Jade's departure was the most wanted from the fans of the series.

  • First call-out: Joanie Dodds
  • Bottom two: Danielle Evans & Jade Cole
  • Eliminated: Jade Cole
  • Featured photographer: Jim De Yonker

Danielle and Joanie would be walking in an elaborate fashion show, for Roj Singhakul's line Issue, with a set replicated to look like an ancient city with temples and a winding runway over water were both of them impressed the judges immensely. However, Danielle was told that she appeared bored when she walked, while Joanie looked down too much. The girls' photographs from past shoots were judged side by side, and great emphasis was made in Twiggy preferring Joanie and Nigel going for Danielle. However, the judges agreed that the two young women have had the strongest and most consistent pictures of this cycle. Ultimately, Danielle's presence edged out over Joanie's, and Danielle was revealed as the winner of America's Next Top Model, Cycle 6.

  • Final two: Danielle Evans & Joanie Dodds
  • America's Next Top Model: Danielle Evans
  • Special guests: Charlie Altuna, Sutan, Roj Singhakul

Contestant gallery

Kathy Hoxit

Eliminated in episode 2

Wendy Wiltz

Eliminated in episode 3

Kari Scmidt

Eliminated in episode 4

Gina Choe

Eliminated in episode 5

Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi

Eliminated in episode 6

Leslie Mancia

Eliminated in episode 7

Brooke Staricha

Eliminated in episode 8

Nnenna Agba

Eliminated in episode 9

Furonda Brasfield

Eliminated in episode 11

Sara Albert

Eliminated in episode 12

Jade Cole

Eliminated in episode 13

Joanie Dodds


Danielle Evans


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